For several years now I have investigated the Joshua Tree flower essence, both through my own personal experience and that of clients I have supervised. I am impressed with the unique and remarkable healing qualities of this remedy. I would like to begin by commenting on some of the main qualities I have come to note in Joshua Tree flower essence:

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Joshua Tree awakens the human identity and gives the individual a distinct awareness of this awakening. I have repeatedly noted a very real phenomenon in the subtle bodies when this flower essence is being used. There is a cohesion of forces that result in a new consciousness of the Self. It is a quality of being "centered" as well as moving from the inside "outward" so that one's life becomes fuller and more self-directed.

Joshua Tree provides a “spiritual structuring force. This remedy facilitates the unfolding of one's own wisdom and identity, typically submerged in various cultural layers of family, community or other externally derived identities. The soul discovery of an inner, unique individuality gives the strength to face adverse conditions that may have felt insoluble before. Even daily details of life are able to be savoured, and approached with a fresh simplicity.

Joshua tree plays a leading role. When I have used Joshua Tree in various formulas, it seems to play the leading role. Its characteristics are so singular and clear that they do not become muted, even when combined with other flower essences. This capacity could be compared to an orchestra conductor who harmonizes all the other players and their instruments, and leads them toward the best performance.

Joshua Tree differs from the Larch flower remedy, which is also used for self-actualization. Joshua Tree stimulates the core individual Self that involves all aspects of the personality; whereas Larch (photo on right) primarily addresses the distorted emotional perception that "one is not capable." Having observed the effect of Larch on a number of clients, I have found that the healing qualities of Joshua Tree are even more profound and of a different character. For example, one does not find with Larch that the client is as likely to report feeling "centered," or that the client feels life can be mastered through the activation of the Core Self-Identity.

We can understand the clinical indications for Joshua Tree by reflecting on the physical plant itself. This plant thrives in an extreme desert environment. Many specimens can be found growing in a completely solitary manner, while others live in a more obvious community setting. The young trees do not have a branch-making capacity. We can see the upward initial tendency of the young tree with its single stem. As the tree matures, spreading forked branches develop, and the tree acquires more orientation downward toward Earth. Each flower of the tree results in a new branch that grows in a different direction.

It is my sense that the development of the earthward, bending gesture in this tree reminds the Human Soul that spiritual knowledge must include what is experienced in life on earth. Each branching of the tree is a picture of how the “I” integrates the individual human aspects of the life biography into a more comprehensive spiritual consciousness. It is only within the core-self identity that this awareness can take place. In this, lies the real meaning of human evolution as well as the purpose of incarnation on Earth.

Key Clinical Indications for Joshua Tree Flower Essence:

I primarily use this flower essence for clients showing family issues and poor self-identity. Examples include submissive relationships with relatives, or alcoholic patterns in the family. Typically, I begin my initial work addressing more obvious external issues. Joshua Tree flower essence is not usually the one to be given in the first stages of client therapy. This essence can work very rapidly in its effect, and it is generally best to clear more acute symptoms before proceeding with the Joshua Tree.

Drawing by Catalina O'Brien Ely

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About Donatella Tordoni

Donatella Tordoni has practiced as a flower essence therapist since 1995. She is a member of the Managing Committee of Unione di Floriterapia in Milan, a well-known Flower Essence Therapy Association in Italy, where she participates also as part of the teaching staff.

Donatella has carried on research activity with the Flower Essence Society since the year 2000, focusing on the healing properties of new flower essences.

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Donatella describes the core background for her healing work as "the great honor she was granted for an encounter and awareness of the healing energies of Mother Earth." Through this spiritual experience has come a heightened awareness for the "expression and beauty of flowers," and she has become an instrument for these healing forces since that time.


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