Using Flower Essence Therapy and Fractal Sounds

During an initial evaluation, German Information Biomedical Technology is used to test the body for environmental toxicology issues, then professional assessments are conducted with the child and parents. Finally, Computerized Cognitive Brain Training (CCBT) is implemented using software to promote Sound Entrainment between the left and right sides of the brain. This program is used by health professionals and educators in school districts. However, it also certifies and trains parents to treat their own children.

Environmental Toxicology Overload (ETO) is the underlying cause of many conditions of ill health in children on the autism spectrum. Using SpectraVision (an FDA-classified bio-medical technology), toxins can be identified which need to be eliminated from a child’s body. Modalities such as massage of the head and feet, and Epsom salt baths are also utilized. The goal is to increase release of toxins out of the body so that no allergies or other reactions manifest.

Karyne speaks about how flower essences are chosen via this technology—


Observe how the fractal sounds on water above, look like the flowers in the lower pictures. 
Sound organizes all matter in the Universe around us.
Sound can organize our brain into coherent whole brain function.
The picture above on the right is a fractal sound frequency on water
that looks like the flower on the left. (From the book Water-Sound Images)

The core component of the healing program, which involves SetiSMART™ patented software, could be called the sound codex to the brain. “It can deliver a prescription sound program which synchronizes the three major rhythms (oscillations) of the body: the heartbeat, the breath rate and the brain waves. When these three rhythms are entrained into synchronicity, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) comes into balance. This reduces stress and the production of stress hormones in the body such as cortisol and histamines. Inflammation in the brain and body are reduced. The results are astounding as the brain can then organize into functional neurological pathways,” states Karyne.

CCBT software, which uses Fractal Sonic Sounds, is a therapy prescribed for each child’s need, and in Phase One is used to quiet and still the body’s hyperactivity so that new neural-net connections in the brain can form. This is called neurogenesis and it is now at the forefront of Brain Fitness Science known as brain plasticity (this is the brain's ability to actually grow new dendrite cell structures to heal itself).

Karyne briefly describes an aspect of ear physiology that when not working adequately, doesn't allow a child to properly focus. This causes oversensitivity to sound, and the nervous system becomes hyperactive. This often results in psychological dysfunction or shut-down on the part of the child—


CCBT using sound therapy and flower essences entrain (bring into harmonious rhythmic oscillation) the heart rate, brain waves and breathing. When in the right balance, this harmony affects Epi-genetics, which is the gene expression of the cells. It can “switch” healthy gene expression on, and diseased gene expression off. It supports the Autonomic Nervous System, and restores balance and an improved immune system. It also promotes emotional bonding between parent and child.

When the body is not stressed, it does not produce cortisol and histamines, therefore inflammatory issues in the brain and body are reduced. Since stress can cause the stomach to shut down, the relaxation response in the body during the CCBT sound therapy invites better digestion. There is also deep sleep and deeper breathing, which provide the right balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the brain. With the appropriate flower essence, the whole spirit in the child feels safe, feels she/he can finally be at home on earth and want to stay inside the body. Then, as a result, good physical and emotional markers begin to improve on an ongoing basis.