a formula to help cleanse the kidneys
and rebalance the adrenals

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Equal Parts:

Golden Seal
Dandelion Root
Uva Ursi

Take 2 – “00” capsules twice a day. I strongly encourage you to either receive an ionic foot bath to remove any calcifications that have broken loose, or to take a 60 day treatment of Triphala (a whole body detoxifying capsule) available at a local health food store.

Indications: Total cleanse for the urinary system, bladder problems including incontinence, an herbal diuretic, urinary disorders including potential infection, kidney congestion with or without stones and water retention. By cleansing the urinary system, the body will be able to achieve balance in the adrenal glands.

2 tablespoons lemon juice in 8 oz. glass of water will help to pass any stones that this formula may dissolve. While taking the formula, if you feel a pain in your side or lower back, drink an 8 oz. glass of water to help soothe any discomfort.

Catnip: Is a powerful diaphoretic causing increase in heat and fluids; it relaxes smooth muscles throughout the stomach and urinary tract to allow any calcifications to pass smoothly.

Ginger:Is excellent in a number of things; specifically in this blend it is soothing to the gastrointestinal tract, making it an antispasmodic. It contains substances similar to the digestive enzymes that break down proteins. About half of kidney stones are caused by protein versus calcium.

Dandelion Root: Is a strong diuretic in addition to being extremely nutritional. Dandelion is often used with bloating during kidney and bladder infections as well as with PMS. Dandelion is what herbalists term a “smart herb” in this way: if you have fluctuation in blood pressure whether high or low, it will help to regulate it. Many that have kidney or bladder infections will also have problems with yeast. Dandelion is the number one herb used in the United States to control yeast. A bonus is that Dandelion contains very strong antioxidants and is used to prevent cancer.

Golden Seal: Is considered a poor man’s Ginseng. Ginseng is an endangered plant so I always substitute Golden Seal, which has the same plant properties. Goldenseal is considered “one of the most wonderful remedies in the entire herb kingdom … A real cure-all.” (Jethro Kloss, Back to Eden). It is used in the blend for its antiseptic and natural antibiotic properties. Goldenseal kills many bacteria. The main constituent berberine is also effective in balancing the body's “good bacteria” and will cleanse infection.

Lobelia: Is used mainly in this blend for the alkaloids present; this means the body will assimilate the herbs easily with no side effects or interactions with any medications. In addition, the overall action is a truly holistic combination of stimulation and relaxation, as often with any kidney and bladder problems fatigue becomes an issue. Lobelia is particularly effective in those who are experiencing mucous and congestion due to the kidney congestion.

Marshmallow: Enhances the white blood cells' ability to devour disease microbes, making it excellent in any type of infection. Additionally, Marshmallow sooths smooth muscles throughout the body. Marshmallow reduces sugar in the blood stream, which is one of the main causes of abundant yeast and recurring kidney stones.

Thyme: Has been used since the sixteenth-century. It is named after the lymph gland (thymus), as it regulates heat and fluids throughout the body. Thyme’s aromatic oil contains two chemicals—thymol and carvaco—that account for its medicinal value. Both chemicals have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and act as a digestive aid. Thyme fights several disease-causing bacteria and works exceptionally well in the urinary tract. Eclectic physicians swore by Thyme in women’s health for cramping, frequent urination, or bladder incontinence, as it strengthens the bladder and pelvic muscles. For men, it additionally is very healthy for prostate and relieves prostatitis.

Uva Ursi: Has been used world-wide since the 19th century for “chronic affections of the kidneys and urinary passages.” North American colonists found the Indians had independently discovered Uva Ursi’s use as a urinary remedy. Uva Ursi has an antiseptic chemical called hydroquinone, which is still used to dissolve both kidney and bladder stones today in traditional medicine. With any kidney or bladder problems the urine becomes very acidic, which is why some experience burning urination; Uva Ursi makes the urine become more alkaline to prevent symptoms of burning or itching. Uva Ursi is very high in potassium which will also help to alleviate any lower back pain associated with kidney or urinary problems.

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