Walnut Flower Essence


by Linda Cohen

In my work as a flower essence therapist, the essence I most recommend to almost everyone these days is Walnut. There are so many important applications for this time-honored essence, that I am hard-pressed to see where Walnut doesn’t fit into a formula.

I mainly characterize Walnut essence as being indicated for the following: all life transitions, psychic protection, and as “the link-breaker,” to irrevocably break from realities that are longer healthy. When beginning a new year, a new season and the turning of the wheel of cycles—as in The Mayan calendar in 2012—and for all the shape-shifts and earth upheavals, along with adapting to life in general, I use Walnut with excellent results.

Who isn’t in transition now?

Every day, on many fronts, we are challenged with discovering more of our own inner natures and the ways in which we can walk our own walks proudly and freely. Often this can mean diverging from the crowd or the weight of the status quo. It’s easy to fall in line and not make any waves, but this is not progress. We must examine ourselves and our patterns, as well as our relationships and dwellings, to identify and release what is no longer useful or beneficial. This is a lifetime process but never more so than now.

By balancing and simplifying our lives, we gain clarity and greater vision. When the field is more clear, we are less trapped by our inertia. Emotional (and spiritual) Feng Shui—cleaning out the cobwebs of our habituations—is one of the main keys to good health. A behavior or attitude that may once have been appropriate can become stale and offensive at another time.

Many, if not all of us, are surveying our lives now and tuning into what is relevant and what must be cleared out.

No one who wants to be happy and healthy would nurture dark feelings of anger, jealousy, fear and resentment (to name a few) if she/he felt there was a choice. These dark feelings which most likely have come from past traumas and negative conditioning or habit, can be loosened and released. Techniques for such include spiritual practice, mindfulness and awareness, effort; and some good tools such as flower essences, journaling, story-boarding, therapy, art and or a combination thereof.

Many of us put off, until the last minute, actions we dearly need to initiate. Whether this is stopping smoking, breaking free from an abusive relationship, criticizing ourselves or being on time at tax day, it all adds up to stress, if not addressed. And stress can play havoc with our immune systems.

I want to link-break being on automatic pilot and be free to choose with consciousness and clarity what I want to take in and put out.

Currently, along with many of my clients and students, I am taking Walnut to upgrade my patterns with regard to food, drink and exercise. Walnut essence helps me greatly with this personal mission. There is so much stress that comes from the outside, from our rapidly changing and morphing earth and universe, that we might do well to monitor and manage our own internal stress as well as “bend into” those we can do little about (traffic jams!).

Psychic protection is very valuable for those of us working in the healing arts, or simply for anyone who interacts with others.

Everyday I take the New York City subways and encounter people who are angry, inconsiderate, and down right emotionally ill. There is no judgment intended in wanting to protect one’s own energy field, which we often work very hard to maintain and uplift.

Since nearly all my clients and students seek to make heartfelt changes in their lives, Walnut is an essence I whole-heartedly and often recommend both alone and in conjunction with synergistic essences.

The Flower Essence Repertory in part describes Walnut essence as helping us to perceive and follow our true Star of Destiny. For me, this is an honor and a gift. So many layers of onion skins must peal away before the pearl of the onion shines brightly of its own true self.

One of my favorite affirmations over the years—and today as well—is I CHOOSE—meaning I entrust myself with the power to choose wisely.

I can choose to eat a piece of darkly rich delicious chocolate cake. Or not. I can choose to stay for the extra belly dance class. Or not. I can feel great walking in a cloud white tufted snow storm or choose to get in between my flannel sheets to stay toasty warm. I can choose to release the anger of the past. I have the power!

At least once a month or more, I review the essences I am taking and change them. I can say honestly, Walnut has been on my essence alter for many months. I rely on its clear strength and purpose to help me navigate the turbulent waters of the “now”, as well as the more gentle rippling waves of transformation. I have experienced startling changes such as quitting smoking and, more difficult to put-your-finger-on-it changes, such as being a softer person. If I could only have ten essences in my repertory, Walnut would be one of them.

About Linda Cohen

Marrying at 21, with two children by the age of 24, Linda (pictured at right with her granddaughter) divorced her husband of seven years, and at 28, began a search for her self which initially led to the “rock and roll years” and substance abuse, culminating in a one-year in-house recovery program. In 1986, at 35, successfully leaving rehab, Linda had to learn how to nourish herself and her two young girls. While transitioning from rehab back to her apartment on Central Park West, Linda began her thrilling adventure into holistic healing. She started studying traditional Japanese karate; she began Buddhist studies; and she began studying food and healing with AnnaMarie Colbin. In 1991, Linda graduated with honors from Gary Null’s Holistic Nutritional Counseling Program and is mentioned as a top counselor in Manhattan, in his book, Healing Your Body Naturally. But, through beginning work with flower essences back in 1987, Linda’s greatest discovery was that emotional healing leads the way for physical healing and self-actualization. In 2001, after a nearly 17 year affiliation, Linda became a certified flower essence therapist through the Flower Essence Society, and today teaches and counsels using flower and gem essences exclusively.  As a pioneer in this underutilized art, it’s Linda’s mission to bring to light to as many as she can the importance and relevance of flower essences and other vibrational remedies. She counsels, teaches and facilitates apprenticeship programs regularly (and can often be found playing with new granddaughter, Bee). Visit her website.



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