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Practitioner Profile: Dr. Cora Llera

By Jann Garitty, FES Staff

Since 1985, Dr. Cora Llera has worked as a chiropractor. She not only provides traditional chiropractic treatment to relieve the pain her patients experience, she goes beyond the physical level to search for the causes of pain. Pain is a signal that something on the emotional, spiritual or mental level needs to be worked with or changed. To help address these other levels, she has utilized and developed her expertise with flower essences over the past twelve years.

The answer to pain

Dr. Llera utilizes a process she has developed which she calls “signature energy work.” It involves asking a protocol of questions, beginning with questioning why pain is present, then continuing with a series of yes or no questions within that framework, which leads to the more specific issues involved.

She starts her sessions by talking with her patients first, to get an idea of who they are, what their fundamental ideas and basic beliefs are, and in general, what their frame of mind is in regard to their lives. Face to face, she comes to know their conscious being, and then, when they lay down on the chiropractic table, she does muscle testing which allows her to know more about their subconscious and superconscious levels of being. At times, this provides her with more information than from their conscious conversation.

Underlying causes and their correlation to flower essences

The series of questions she asks leads to information regarding whether the problem, or cause of the problem, experienced by the person is accurately reflected in the characteristics of a particular flower essence. Often at the end of a treatment session, she will ask again if there is a specific essence the patient should take home and use to continue the transformation process.

When asking whether there is a flower essence whose own characteristics are representative of the patient’s problem, Dr. Llera “tests blindly.” If a patient actually happens to have a purely physical problem, flower essences will not “show up” in this testing process. If a remedy shows up as being one that is the best reflection of the cause behind a person’s problem, she will read about it aloud from the Flower Essence Repertory. Often, she sees the patients’ eyes light up and they will reflect that they recognize the pattern described as occurring in their lives.

Sometimes the flower essences found during the testing process don’t represent the quality of the problem experienced by a patient but rather represent the quality of energy that is needed to transform the problem. Dr. Llera puts the essence on her hands while doing the body work, therefore bringing the needed positive quality of an essence and energy directly to the problem area.

Dr. Llera collects case studies of patients whose stories she finds interesting, some of which are featured in her book, Signature Energy Work: Accessing, Evaluating, and Transforming the Personal Energy Field. Read a review of the book here.

Following is a story concerning one of Dr. Llera’s patients:

A beautiful, 24-year old woman who was 100 pounds overweight, came to Dr. Llera’s office complaining of neck and lower back pain. Following the first session, her neck pain was alleviated. She returned to see Dr. Llera because the lower back pain persisted. She stated that it had been chronic for as long as she could remember and it had never responded to any kind of treatment. That was a sign to Dr. Llera that something was going on beyond the physical level.

Dr. Llera muscle-tested the patient’s lower back area, and found that it was depleted in energy and further, needed a particular quality of energy related to the patient’s father. This energy was best represented by Yarrow flower essence. The questioning also indicated a block, represented by Rock Rose flower essence, that resisted the “Yarrow” quality. Dr. Llera explained the qualities of Yarrow in regard to strength and protection, how the patient’s back needed that energy, and specifically needed it to come from her father. She put the Yarrow on her hands, worked the muscles, and the young woman began to cry. She said that at age 12, her parents divorced and she and her siblings lived one month with their father, then one month with their mother, alternately moving every month and causing much turmoil in their lives. In addition, the patient looks like her mother and the father put the rancor he felt toward her mother toward her instead. Overall, it was very difficult and she finally found the courage to tell her father it was all too much, and she wanted to live full time with her mother. Her father took that as rejection, cut off their communication, and turned the others of his side of the family against her; she was unjustly accused of being the victimizer. Dr. Llera discussed with her the need for the protection of Yarrow. She also discussed how the patient might approach the family and open communication in regard to what had actually happened from her point of view. She had been afraid to try to open the relationship with her father again, and afraid to suffer rejection again—that was the “block” that Rock Rose would help to release.

Read a review of Signature Energy Work:
Accessing, Evaluating, and Transforming the Personal Energy Field

Read an edited version of an in-depth case study presented in Dr. Llera’s book.

Dr. Cora Llera graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1985, and has been in private practice since, both in California and in Florida. Developing Signature Energy Work has been a life-long project, and is based on over 20 years of clinical experience as a chiropractor and energy-worker, integrated with post-doctorate studies in Applied Kinesiology, Core Integration Therapy, Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Healing Touch, and Esoteric Psychology, supplemented by her own personal spiritual and philosophical explorations.
Dr. Llera can be contacted by phone at 305-672-2998


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