Practitioner Profile: Lorena Solinger

By Jann Garitty
FES Staff

I believe that there is nothing that cannot be healed and especially in the times we live in. This is a time with so many miracles and transitions—and shifts in energy occur quickly, I’ve seen it.

Tools and techniques to support the healing journey
The importance of addressing childhood experiences in the healing process
Working with women: empowerment, Human Papiloma Virus, menopause
Lorena’s journey as a practitioner
Treating the Whole Family: a case study

Lorena Solinger utilizes an eclectic approach in her work with women and families. This article includes a detailed case study of a family and how, as the parents worked on their individual personal issues, the family healed as a whole. Read details of the case here.

Tools and techniques to support the healing journey

Lorena Solinger incorporates a variety of tools and techniques in sessions with her clients to help support their healing journeys. Each session starts by working from the“heart,” asking the client to be aware of their heart and their breathing, in order to gain access to the meaning of their experiences and why they are feeling particular emotions.

Lorena also uses “intention” which includes determining the intention of the client, what they would like to have happen in the session and what healing they wish to receive as a result.

All clients receive flower essences during their work with Lorena. Some people react very quickly to the essences while others take a longer period of time. All of them do respond, however. Some of them are not as aware as others, but every person with whom she has worked has responded positively with flower essence therapy. The result is that they feel empowered in regard to themselves and the direction in which they’re headed, and they experience personal “insights.”

“My work is all about my clients becoming enlightened and working in their passion—I try to express that importance of being ‘in passion’ with their job and lives. The bottom line in my practice is to help put people onto their spiritual paths—I think the flowers do that.”

During every initial intake session with clients, Lorena takes notes, including notes on flower essences that may be beneficial for them. She asks the client to do deep breathing and then pick a flower affirmation card that attracts their attention or use one she has chosen for them; they then are asked to hold the card to their heart area and read aloud the affirmation. Clients feel the effects almost immediately with some becoming quite emotional or feeling chills. Some identify with the flower by its color or its name. “They are a great tool; I love them.” The clients utilize the actual flower essence of the card they’ve chosen as well as the essences that Lorena feels are necessary for them. She also gives them Angelica flower essence (flower close-up with title above) in the first or second session so that they are aware of and able to communicate with their own personal “guidance;” it helps them “get it going for themselves.”

Lorena incorporates Tarot of the Spirit card readings into her sessions utilizing birthday information, calculating a path card to know more about the client’s personality; she finds this process to be very revealing. She explores the current year and what areas in which the client should work for that particular year.

At the conclusion of each session, having determined the client’s needs, Lorena administers a Karuna Reiki treatment (karuna means “compassionate action”), which is “extremely powerful for them.” After becoming a Reiki master, she learned this technique in a course taught by William Rand.

The importance of addressing childhood experiences in the healing process

“People come to me in crisis and we start there, but then I always have to weave their childhood and appropriate flower essences into the healing work.” For example, Lorena cites a client who was highly successful as a lawyer in a large downtown Los Angeles law firm but was unable to have a significant relationship with a male partner. (She had chosen a profession that is predominantly male-oriented and a woman working in that world faces many unique challenges.) She scheduled an appointment with Lorena at which time she swore that she had a perfect upbringing and that her parents were lacking in flaws. The client made progress but then encountered a huge “block.” Lorena insisted that they had to focus back on her childhood. As it turned out, her mother’s pregnancy with her was not planned and further, her parents would have preferred to have a boy instead of a girl. Lorena has found in her practice that this is not uncommon with parents desiring a child of one sex and giving birth to a different sex child than the one desired. It was necessary to go back and address those issues in order for her to progress; Lorena continues to work with her. However, she has improved tremendously and has overcome addictive behavior patterns. Her coworkers have noted her improvement in personal relationships with people under her management; she has less stress and communicates better. Her peers recognized her as a “Super Lawyer,” following her work with Lorena.

Working with women: empowerment, Human Papiloma Virus, menopause

Feminine issues, women and those with relationship problems have developed as Lorena’s area of “specialty.” “I love working with women, empowering women…and another passion of mine is working with pregnant mothers and babies.”

One example is a woman whose life was “falling apart;” she couldn’t perform on her job after bringing about a sexual harassment lawsuit against a man who was ultimately fired. A co-worker, a friend of the man who was fired, had made her life miserable at work. She experienced severe depression, could barely arise out of bed in the morning and was forced to take a one-month leave of absence. After one session with Lorena using flower essences and energy work, she began to feel better. Two days later, the co-worker happened to be fired, and three weeks later, the woman herself was back at work. She hadn’t felt as well for three years.

Alpine Lily
In recent months, Lorena has had four clients with cases of Human Papiloma Virus which is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) that can evolve into cancer. An abnormal pap smear indicates this virus. Lorena used Alpine Lily and Self-Heal flower essences, and mangosteen because it is high in antioxidants, which are useful in preventing cancer. Out of the four women that she has been treating, two of them, within three weeks of using the flower essences, mangosteen and doing the energy work, had healthy pap smears. This was after having started with Class 2 or 3 test results.

Lorena made an additional important discovery: all four women had non-supportive fathers. During treatment with one of the women, while tuning into her energy center and doing release work, she asked the client, “What color is it, what does it look like, feel like? And the woman responded: “It’s my dad who doesn’t support me and my boss who doesn’t support me as a woman.” Lorena subsequently asked the other women and found that they had similar situations regarding their fathers as well.

Lorena has worked successfully with menopausal women, giving them Corn Lily for intense hot flashes. One woman in particular experienced them all night long and often while she worked during the day. After using Corn Lily they now are of short duration and occur only during the morning hours.

Read Treating the Whole Family: a case study

Lorena’s journey as a practitioner

Lorena combines over 30 years of study in her healing practice. She uses various healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Shiatsu massage and flower essences. Lorena is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Orchid Flower Essence Practitioner.

Lorena has taught meditation workshops and has led and facilitated Goddess retreats, workshops and prayer gatherings. Lorena is able to call upon the angelic realm for much of her work as a healer and receives guidance from the ascended masters as well as the angelic beings that surround this earthly plane.

Lorena has studied with preeminent teachers in the field of flower essence therapy and Reiki. She combines flower essences and the eight levels of Meta-Flora healing for the human soul as created by Patricia Kaminski. She herself actively teaches Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and maintains a private practice in Malibu, CA. Lorena serves as member of the Board of Directors of Lightworker, Inc., has been happily married for over thirty years and is the mother of four children.

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