Combining Osteopathy with Flower Essence Therapy: case studies


Flower essences help a mother and child
to become confident and bond with each other

Psychosomatic vertigo healed after establishing renewed interest in life

Clearing physical post trauma and finding true purpose in life


Flower essences help a mother and child to become confident and bond with each other

A mother brought her baby girl to Lucas. The baby, a second child, had gastric problems, seemingly had colic, spit up milk, and also cried all the time when not sleeping. The baby would sleep only when totally exhausted. When asked about her pregnancy, the mother said it had been very tiring for her, and at one point during the pregnancy, there was a diagnosis that the baby was too small. The mother worried that the baby was ill or perhaps had a genetic disease; it was not normal. The birth occurred at the appropriate time, and there were no particular problems with the delivery. However, the situation became complicated because there were difficulties with breastfeeding and the mother developed an infection in the left breast. She wasn’t able to breast feed the baby successfully.

Lucas asked the mother about the relationship with her own mother, and learned that the relationship was difficult. The baby’s grandmother was an alcoholic and when the mother was quite young, the grandmother was put in the hospital. The mother had to take care of her younger brother.

When asked about having her first child, the mother said that she had felt numb. She was surprised by this state, and wondered why she didn’t feel anything emotionally.

During the first session, Lucas worked on the baby; he worked on her cranium, skull, liver, and pelvic areas. It appeared that the baby didn’t feel serene or secure. Lucas wondered if the mother also didn’t feel secure in her role as a mother. He thought it would be valuable to work on mother and child bonding. He gave the mother Mariposa Lily, Star of Bethlehem, and Chicory in a crème to be used on the breast and thorax areas.

During the second session, the mother told Lucas that she had had to stop breast feeding the baby because the baby was not gaining weight, and therefore she had to use a bottle to feed her. The baby had also been given medication for spitting up. Lucas had asked them to come for a session together; he worked with both of them at the same time. He had a suspicion that there could be some kind of reciprocal fear between the mother and child. Lucas used Red Chestnut in crème for both of them on their right hands, as indicated for Red Chestnut in the book written by Dietmar Krämer.

The Red Chestnut was indicated to help the mother to feel confident that the baby’s crying would stop, and to be confident with the baby in their closeness together, creating a secure space between the baby and the mother. Lucas also worked on the baby in its thorax area. For the mother, Lucas next used Chicory and Pine because he sensed that she felt responsible for the relationship between her and the baby, the baby’s crying, and that she had done something wrong to cause it. The two essences were used to clear that feeling and become confident that the baby would come back to a calm space. It was not the mother’s fault, it was just situational. Lucas worked on the heart and pericardium of both the mother and baby; he has found working in that area valuable when there is an issue about fear of lack. The mother was very tense in the upper part of her body, but then she relaxed at that time—and the baby also stopped crying. Lucas left them together for about ten minutes, as he could see that something was happening between them; they were now very close, and bonding. She reported she felt more conscious of the space between her and the baby, the common space between them. Lastly, Lucas used Crab Apple topically on the mother. The Crab Apple was used to help clear what had happened between the mother and baby, something that should not have been, the loss of their relationship. She said while he was applying it, she felt warmth in the thorax area. Lucas asked the mother to continue to take the combination of Mariposa Lily, Star of Bethlehem, and Chicory to keep the thoracic space open and maintain that sensation of warmth.

Psychosomatic vertigo healed after establishing renewed interest in life

An elderly man age 80, came to see Lucas because he was experiencing vertigo and dizziness, which had started one year prior to seeing Lucas. Doctors could find no illness or physical cause for the occurrence, even though he had undergone every diagnostic evaluation possible. Lucas found no traumatic presenting condition. The man had had recent surgery for a herniated disc, and had a heart attack 30 years ago. He also had high blood pressure. The man had been going to bed late, and waking up late. While he loved to sleep, he also liked to be active. He further explained that his wife had hip replacement surgery 6 months prior, and he also worried about his grandchild.

Lucas first used topically on his body Clematis and Impatiens to help with the tone of his body; he had high tone in the upper part. The Clematis helped to calm that down and helped to distribute tone in the body as a whole, particularly in the areas of the lower body. The intention was to help calm the mind and nervous system. Lucas then worked on the cranial base, to facilitate mobility at the base of the cranium, an area related to the internal ear. He advised the man to use a combination of Clematis (for patterns of disconnection, not being in reality), Impatiens (what Lucas thought was his personality type flower), Scleranthus (for instability), Walnut (to help readapt to the new situation with his wife who had been ill, and for the situation with the grandson).

Three weeks later, everything was getting better and the man only experienced dizziness at 7 pm every night just before going to eat dinner. But also, he had new pain on the lateral side of his elbow, the Kramer zone for Wild Rose. So topically, Lucas used Clematis and Wild Rose, the main remedy for that session. Lucas helped him to unlock all the body parts and regulate the tone of all parts of the body that could cause disharmony. He then worked on the general cranial, pelvis, and diaphragm to try to regulate the nervous system. He asked the man to use Wild Rose and Clematis.

During the session, the man spoke of being bored. He explained that he and his wife were jewelers; she was the designer and he handcrafted the pieces. Since his wife’s hip replacement surgery, she had not been feeling creative, and so he had not been making her jewelry designs, became quite bored from the inactivity, and was just reading all day everyday.

Lucas spoke with his wife who was present, and she said that she had been feeling overwhelmed and confused since her surgery and after a bad fall which hurt her back, and didn’t know where or how to start her work again. But she also said that she didn’t want to design jewelry any more, because her husband was no longer motivated. Lucas recommended Scleranthus and Elm to help her find a new way to begin, and to clear her mind of confusion. And, because she also had pain everywhere in her body, was tired and tense, he recommended Star of Bethlehem and Olive to help with the trauma of the surgery and the fall.

A month later, the man returned to see Lucas and his vertigo was gone. However, he had low back pain, in the area where he had had surgery, and pain in his right shoulder and neck. Lucas treated him in those areas and also used topically Pine on the shoulder. He also used Vervain and Dandelion Dynamo oil. He worked on the shoulder, pelvis and liver, too. All of this helped to clear up everything. An equilibrium was established finally between the man and his wife, so that once again, she was designing jewelry which he then created. Lucas has found that a lack of interest in the current reality is sometimes associated with psychosomatic vertigo, hence Clematis is of help.

Clearing physical post trauma and finding true purpose in life

A woman, age 30, came to Lucas because she’d had an injury while doing yoga. She had pain in her hip and described it as feeling like there was something swollen on it. Lucas thought of Crab Apple for it being something that should not be there. Also, because it was on the left side, it corresponded with Kramer’s body zone, left side and lower back, which was associated with Crab Apple.

The woman also had epilepsy for which she used medication. When she was young, she constantly fell and hit her head, and had other injuries as well. Throughout her life, she had always had pains in her legs. She also had food problems; losing control when eating; she didn’t feel good about it, and she was working with a therapist for that issue.

While she originally wished to go to medical school, she wasn’t able to manage finishing the first year, so then had become interested in mathematics. After studying for a couple of years, she realized however, that it was not something that she wanted to pursue. She decided that she would like to become a comedienne, but at same time, it was difficult because she was anxious and nervous, and didn’t quite know how to go about it. Even though she felt it was right for her and that she should pursue it, it was difficult to realize it.

She came to see Lucas the first time just at the time that she was starting to get work as a comedienne, slowly, but she was starting to have to make big choices for her career. Lucas diagnosed that her body was really tight; there was no movement in her body. It was a post-traumatic state and everything was frozen. He used Rock Rose mixed with Arnica Allay oil and crème, and applied it on the lower left part of the abdomen, the Kramer body zone for Rock Rose, and also on her solar plexus, because she has a very emotional sensibility. He worked on her body to treat the post-traumatic stress in the pelvis and cranium areas, in the dura mater, and on her diaphragm area to release the frozen state and bring the old body regulation rhythms back into her body.

There appeared a tightness in the left part of her rib cage, which Lucas identified as a dysfunction of mobility; and her left thorax area was tight at the interface between stomach, spleen, heart and diaphragm. While working on the stomach, heart, and spleen, he sensed there also was an emotional part to it, and found that Sagebrush could help for that. This part of the body is sometimes affected when there is grief. The spleen and stomach aspect is sometimes related to choice, and the Bach flower essence associated with that is Scleranthus.

The combination helped clear all the tightness, and everything became freer.

“When doing hands-on work with tissues to establish equilibrium, a release normally follows. At times, I feel no release where there should be one. When that happens, I ask myself, could there be some emotional state related to that which adds to the tissue dysfunction? I then talk with the patient or test for flower essences, and I use them topically. In this case, I used Sagebrush on top of the thorax, the center of the tension, and then I could manage to treat the tissue tensions thoroughly. When I use flower essences in that manner, it helps me go deeper into what I do with the tissues.”

Following that portion of the treatment, Lucas worked on other areas to get her body in general balance, to help the body to change and adapt to the work that was done on other areas of the body.

Lucas selected for her 6 of Dr. Bach’s original 12 Healers, showed her the images of the flowers, and asked her to choose out of the 6 flowers just one of them. She chose Mimulus. Instead of simply giving her Mimulus, Lucas decided to give her Fear-Less instead, because in addition to Mimulus it contains Rock Rose—there were many fears from her past. Rock Rose would help calm her nervous system and help regulate. He also recommended that she use Sagebrush as it helps people who want to get to the core of their lives and what it is that they want to do. She replied, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want.”


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