Flower Essence Therapy Aids Refugees in Lesvos, Greece


View this beautiful slide show, a labor of love prepared by Luz.

Luz de Jade, Barcelona, Spain, has for some time done world wide service in 8 countries where she has provided eye exams and glasses to those in need via her volunteer Light to Your Eyes project. During her travels, as needs arose, she has provided flower essence therapy as well. Click on the links to view two presentations of her travels to Central South America and Tibet.

Over the last year, Luz has undertaken trips to Greece to aid refugees on the island of Lesvos (also known as Lesbos). She has since created an NGO, Light Without Borders, to provide continuing support for this crucial work. Over a million people have fled from primarily Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq to escape violence and persecution in their countries. One main escape route to Europe, the most desired destination for seeking asylum, involves travel by sea to Greece. For the vast majority, travel by sea was, and is, in very dangerous conditions with less than adequate boats/rafts, safety conditions and equipment. Read more about the situation here.

Refugees arriving at Lesvos; volunteers aid them as they approach the island

FES made flower essence and formula donations to Luz so that she could offer flower essence therapy in addition to eye exams and glasses for those who needed them.

After her most recent trip to Greece, Luz reported:

These are unforgettable experiences that have helped to recover faith for so many refugees living in squats, refugee camps and for those having to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

This experience has moved me so much that I am working on the creation of my NGO "LIGHT WITHOUT BORDERS" to bring support at the emotional level with flower essences.

I will never have enough words to express my gratitude to you, for your trust and encouragement since the very beginning of this project. Daily the refugees are sending me updates with videos and pictures, and asking me for more flower therapy. They tell me not to forget them as the flowers with my love are helping them to keep the faith to recover the strength in order to face all difficulties. And, their love and their gratitude are giving me the courage to keep moving and supporting them in the areas where no NGOs can reach, or are not able to reach. 

Luz received amongst others the following remedies: Fear Less, Flora-Sleep, Grace,
Kinder Garden, Magenta Self-Healer, Post-Trauma Stabilizer and the Be Bright, Connect, Protect and Stress-Less TerrAnoint roll-on blends. Stay tuned for more reports.

This project should continue and I am putting all my efforts into it more than ever. I feel so grateful to have your support, blessings and this energy of love and Light that you are sending to me during these challenging moments.

I worked during the last days of my stay at two squats where no doctors or any support reach. There are many young males with depression, anger and scabies. One example is an Iranian refugee I supported who tried to kill himself and called me at 12:40 AM from the emergency room at the hospital. He asked for "my flower medicine."

I am feeling so grateful and happy to be able to help them but sometimes after listening to such terrible stories about torture, escaping from bombs, killing their families or being afraid of being deported, my heart shrinks and when I am driving back to my apartment I feel sad and I cry...I feel their suffering and pain. Every day is very intense at all levels...

View a slide show prepared by Luz.

The song, “World On Fire,” accompanying the video is sung by Sarah McLachlan.

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Visit the web site of Light Without Borders to learn about the relief work.


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