Using Personalized Bach Flower Therapy
for Diabetic Patients with Dyslipidemia

Miriam Mahia Vilas lives in Cuba and graduated from the University of Havana in the speciality of Biochemistry in 1982. that year she began working at the immunology laboratory of the National Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (Calzada del Cerro 1551 esquina Dominguez, Cerro) as an aspiring investigator.

Her scientific work in this field has been devoted mainly to the study of different parameters of the immune system of diabetic patients and the associated complications. For instance the so called diabetic foot, with includes components such as angiopathy, neuropathy and infections, which always are present in these patients to some degree. The lesions in these patients’ feet constitute a medical, social and economic problem because the most serious cases result in amputations.
Mirian’s first investigations were oriented to the mounting and standardization of techniques enabling the study of the leukocytes functions in diabetic patients. In this way other techniques, such as the test of cellular delayed hypersensibility that measure the action of the T cells or the study of the complement and immunoglobulin system, were incorporated in her work. Later on, her efforts aimed at multidisciplinary studies including the interrelation immunity-nutrition-infection. The investigation of zinc as a trace element indicated that it could exert a regulatory influence upon some parameters of the immune system, besides its known role in the healing of wounds.

After concluding this task, she and her collegues began the purification of a glycoprotein obtained from human plasma (fibronectin). This multifunctional protein is involved in the healing of wounds and other functions.

In her Institution, they have developed a wide program aimed at the early diagnosis and prevention of lesions in the feet of diabetic patients. Therefore, the advanced course in immunology, vaccines and biotechnology applied to infections associated with diseases was extremely useful and practical not only for improving their knowledge and professional qualifications but also to increase the level of the preventive work with these patients.

Miriam Mahia’s various scientific works allowed her to obtain the scientific and teaching category from Auxiliary Researcher and Asistente Professor respectively.
Many years ago, Miriam also started to work in the natural medicine field and she introduced natural products into the treatment of diabetic patients. In 2003, she had the opportunity to learn of the power of the flowers studied by E. Bach. At that moment, she began to work with the Bach flower essences in diabetic patients and the effects possible on the function T cells. This work was defended by her as a Master's Degree of Science in 2008.

Currently she is applying flower essence therapy with other techniques of the bioneuroemotion. 

Within the speciality of immunology Miriam has participated in different national and international courses, which have given her the possibility of not only deepening her knowledge but also putting it into practice.
Numerous of her studies have been presented in national and foreign scientific events and several of them have been awarded and published by Cuba and international magazines or journals.

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