Using Personalized Bach Flower Therapy
for Diabetic Patients with Dyslipidemia


Personality Test

Group I remedies for those who feel fear

Flower No. 26 Rock Rose
• Do you currently feel fear or panic?
• Do you suffer from fear or are paralyzed by fear about any thought or situation?
• Do you suffer from nightmares?

Flower No. 20 Mimulus
• Are you afraid of certain situations, things or beings of everyday life such as darkness, disease, cockroaches, etc?
• Are you shy?
• Do you fear speaking in public?

Flower No. 6 Cherry Plum flower
• Do you fear losing control of your mind, body and feelings?
• Do you have an urge to do things you know are wrong?
• Are your thoughts frightening?
• Are people surprised when you lose control and explode?

Flower No. 2 Aspen
• Do you have a vague feeling of fear that you cannot explain?
• Do you feel that something bad is going to happen but you do not know what?
• Do you often have strange nightmares and night terrors?

Flower No. 25 Red Chestnut Flower
• Do you have exaggerated concern for the welfare of a loved one?
• Do you think often that something bad could happen and feel anguish?

Group II remedies for sufferers of uncertainty

Flower No. 5 Cerato
• Do you doubt that your opinion is correct?
• Do you frequently ask others for advice?
• Do you lack the confidence to make decisions?
• Do not know what to do?
• Do you imitate the behavior of others?

Flower No. 28 Scleranthus
• Do you doubt which of two possible decisions to make?
• Do you find it difficult to keep your mind balanced?
• Do you doubt your own judgment?
• Do you experience extreme changes in character?

Flower No. 12 Gentian
• Do you feel discouraged because things do not turn out as you had hoped?
• Do you feel pessimistic?
• Do you suffer from depression?
• Are you depressed about adverse situations?

Flower No. 13 Gorse
• Do you think you have lost all hope and there is no expectation of improvement?
• Do you feel no hope of recovery?
• Are you resigned to the future?
• Have you lost faith and believe that you have no solution?

Flower Hornbeam No. 17
• Do you lack the mental strength needed to face everyday life?
• Do you feel fatigue, laziness that is more mental than physical?
• Do you feel tired upon awakening feel unwilling to do tasks?
• Do you feel you need energy to start your day job?

Flower No. 36 Wild Oat
• Do you find it difficult to make a final decision because of the diversity of ideas and plans?
• Are your goals undefined?
• Do you want to change your lifestyle but have trouble deciding what to do?
• Are you unhappy with your current role in life?

Group III Remedies for selflessness

Flower No. 9 Clematis
• Do you often fantasize?
• Do you have fantasies for the future?
• Do you have trouble concentrating because you lose your mind attention elsewhere?
• Do you dream with your eyes open?

Flower No. 16 Honeysuckle
• Do you live longing for times past?
• Do you regret many things that are no longer as before?
• Do you have many memories of the past?
• Are you nostalgic for old days?
• Does your thinking depend on some event in the past?

Flower No. 37 Wild Rose
• Do you feel listless inside?
• Do you lack joy for life?
• Do you feel indifferent towards life?
• Do you feel empty inside?

Flower No. 35 White Chestnut
• Are continually tormented by unwanted thoughts?
• Do you have trouble sleeping because of torturing thoughts?
• Do you suffer from repetitive thoughts that occupy your mind?
• Do you remember a past of suffering?

Flower No. 23 Olive
• Do you feel powerless?
• Do you feel intensely tired physically and mentally?
• Have you gone through illnesses or problems that have left him physically or mentally exhausted?

Flower No. 21 Mustard
• Do you feel melancholy without knowing why?
• Do you sometimes present an aggressive mood and claim not to know the cause?

Flower No. 7 Chestnut Bud
• Do you encounter over and over again the same difficulties?
• Do not learn from experience?
• Do you epeat the same mistakes?
• Do you have lack of observation?
• Is there any situation that is repeated in your life?
• Do not know why certain things will ultimately fail?
• Do you always have the same difficulties?

Group IV Remedies for loneliness

Flower No. 34 Water Violet
• Do you feel the need to be isolated and alone?
• Do you often prefer to be alone, to live your life without interference with another, or not want for another to interfer with yours?
• In dealing with people, do you strive to maintain distance?
• Do you find it difficult to integrate into a conversation?

Flower No. 18 Impatiens

• Do you have little patience?
• Are you impatient by nature?
• Do you lose patience and are irritated with people slower than you?
• Were you restless as a child was rest?
• Do you not like waiting, and do not tolerate tqueues?

Flower No. 14 Heather
• Do you not like loneliness?
• Do you dislike being alone?
• Do you want the company of someone who listens to your problems?
• Do you feel the urge to talk about yourself with anyone?

Group V Remedies for hypersensitivity

Flower No. 1 Agrimony
• Do you look for ways of distraction to avoid thoughts that worry you?
• Do you need to hide an unpleasant situation with kindness ?
• Do you suffer from a physical or mental torture?
• When you have problems do you tend to smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs or other stimulants?
• Do you keep your problems under a mask of joy and jokes?
• Do you have secret burdens that nobody knows?

Flower No. 4 Centaury
• Do you have trouble saying NO?
• Do you feel that you are influenced by others, and strongly imposed upon?
• Do you neglect your own needs because you are solving the problems of others?

Flower No. 15 Holly
• Do you feel a little jealous?
• Are you afraid to be deceived?
• Do others see it as a jealous, vengeful or envious?
• Are you often suspicious of other people?
• When your feelings are hurt, do you have difficulty overcoming it?

Flower No. 33 Walnut
• Do let the opinions of other people cause you insecurity?
• Are you in a stage of transition or change?
• Are you entering a new phase of your life?
• Do you feel trapped and cannot break ties?

Group VI Remedies for disillusion

Flower No. 19 Larch
• Do you feel inferior to others?
• Do you think that others are better than you?
• Do you know in advance you will not get things, and not even try?

Flower No. 24 Pine
• Do you feel you have not given enough of yourself?
• Do you feel responsible for other people's mistakes?
• Do you feel unsatisfied, with a sense of guilt or self-reproach, and you think your accomplishments could be better?

Flower No. 11 Elm
• Do you have at present more responsibilities than you can handle?
• Do you feel overworked?
• Do you feel overwhelmed by the responsibility?
• Do you have a lot of work and do not know where to continue?

Flower No. 30 Sweet Chestnut
• Do you suffer from extreme mental anguish or despair?
• Do you feel you have reached the limit of your resistance?
• Do you know the feeling of being in a dilemma?
• Are you going through painful situations (deaths, ruin, etc.)?

Flower No. 29 Star of Bethlehem
• Have you experienced psychologically failing?
• Are there events whose effects still persist?
• Have you gone through mental or physical trauma from which you have failed to fully recover (accidents, surgery, loss of loved ones)?
• Is it possible that you have been left sad or disappointed?
• Since when have you laughed, cried or sang?

Flower No. 38 Willow
• Do you feel treated unfairly by fate?
• Do you feel powerless or helpless about certain things?
• Do you feel that fate has played tricks on you?
• Are you a victim of unfair circumstances?
• Has anyone ever told you have bitterness and resentment?
• Do others say you cannot see the bright side of things?

Flower No. 22 Oak
• Are you right now in a situation in which you feel that you must endure to the end?
• Do you consider yourself a fighter who always achieves your goals?
• Do others think you work too much?
• Are you tenacious to exhaustion, self-demanding?

Flower No. 10 Crab Apple
• Do you currently need to reorganize or clean?
• Do you get stuck on things of little importance?
• Would you like to change your physical appearance, that which does not feel right?
• Is there anything that embarrasses you?
• Do you feel the necessity to be clean?
• Are you a scrupulous person?
• Are you afraid of infections or contagious diseases?

Group VII remedies for those suffering about others

Flower No. 8 Chicory
• Do you inwardly feel offended if others do not appreciate your advice full of good intentions?
• Do you feel you know what's best for your loved ones or want to help manage their lives?
• Do you feel that others do not appreciate everything you do for them?

Flower No. 31 Vervain
• Does enthusiasm lead you to submit to other pressures?
• Are you intolerant about injustice?
• Exaggerate? Dedication and can hardly relax?
• When you have something in mind, do you get it?
• Do you try to convince others that your opinions are correct?

Flower No. 32 Vine
• Do you feel the need to impose your will?
• Do you expect complete obedience from those around you?
• Do you consider yourself a leader?
• Do you like to impose your will?
• Would you say that you are dominant?

Flower No. 3 Beech
• Are you meticulous and a perfectionist?
• Do you find it difficult to tolerate the faults of others?
• Are you critical and intolerant of those who do not reach their standard requirement?
• Are you annoyed by the habits and customs of other people?
• Would you say that you are critical and intolerant?

Flower No. 27 Rock Water
• Are you forced to live under certain rules or principles?
• Does forced to repress things that for others are vital needs?
• Are you strict with yourself in your way of thinking and living?
• Do you refuse things that will not be guaranteed?




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