Using Flower Essences as Plant Remedies


A report from Silvia Malagoli
Edited by Jann Garitty

Flower essence formulas are harmless for insects, but are the most efficient way to deter them from the plants we love, all the while without polluting the earth, plants, food and water.

For 13 years I have worked as a gardener. Ten years ago I stopped using chemical products on ornamental plants in the gardens in which I worked simply because I don't like to use them. I searched for natural solutions and began to use flower remedies to deter harmful insects. 

I discovered that they worked very well! I used them on horticultural plants as well. With these, I also found great solutions and results.

This non-toxic method utilizing flower essences:

1. Has zero adverse impacts environmentally, on the plants, bees, earth, and the planet.
2. Is completely safe for those who administer them.
3. Has no contraindications for using them.

The differences between flower essence formulas and other eco-friendly products for use against pests and plant diseases are:

1. Absence of Active Ingredients
2. Lack of odor
3. They have a high dilution (30 ml allows for up to 11 liters of formula)
4. They act quickly during the growth cycle for fruits and vegetables

Over the past ten years, I have continued to find other solutions including the following formulas: 

Insecta: for roses, hedges, ornamental and horticultural plants

Fungus: for fungals on roses, ornamental and horticultural plants

AA: stimulates plants in cases of withering

Zero Mosquito: for mosquitoes indoor / outdoor

Musca - NoFlyZone: keeps away flies from indoors / outdoors

Confusion' Ants: makes ants change their routes – very useful!

Free from Bedbugs: prevents bedbugs from entering through doors and windows

H. Remedy: for Cameraria Horidella on horse chestnut trees

Insecta, Fungals, AA and H. Remedy are commonly used and can be made by anyone. Read about them here.

Speaking generally, the most important and fundamental essences used are:

Crab Apple for aphids and metcalfa
Chestnut Bud in the case of fungals
Black Cohosh for bedbugs


Crab Apple is an excellent antiseptic essence. It is useful in many formulas, and is the most often used essence.

Chestnut Bud is useful to stop fungal spores from reproducing themselves.

Black Cohosh is simply a translation from the original Latin name of this plant: Racemosa Cimicifuga. Cimicifuga divided in two parts is: "cimici,” which in Italian means bedbugs, and "fuga" which translates to escape. So, how to be free from bedbugs? Simply by using an "escape bedbugs" formula!

Read more here about the indications for some other flower essences useful for plants.

Vineyard August 13

Typically, the essences are diluted in water in a percentage based on how much water is needed.

After making the formula with the flower essences, I usually dynamize [potentize] the solution prepared in a bottle, which functionally increases even more the effect of the essences.

The solution of essences in water usually are sprayed on the leaves of the plant. In other cases where the first method is not possible, one may dilute water from a watering can in a tray under a potted plant or water under the tree foliage in correspondence with the range of the roots, where the nutrition is absorbed deep in the ground. It is best to give other water (simply water) after the dilute solution in order that it go underground and not evaporate. 

Vineyard July 22

The effects and changes are immediately seen after using the flower essence formulas. As for aphids, fungal, metcalfa, and mildew, with a few applications, they disappear completely. In other cases, what I noticed in particular on horticultural plants is that if those plants were treated with natural solutions during the years before, with products allowed in organic farming, they react better and easily. If the horticultural plants were treated in the past with chemical pesticides, the results are not as immediately effective because the plants must first detoxify. One needs patience and persistence in such cases.

Every single person to whom I have given the essences witness them to be effective as a natural solution for their plants. Some farms have used the essences in their vineyards and many other people for their personal gardening use. In my book (Italian version only at the moment) I wrote about all the cases of plants healed with the formulas that I have developed.

Vineyard August 13

Scroll down the page on the website and you can view additional images regarding treatment with the formulas on a vineyard and other crops. 

How do the flower remedies work?

The use of natural remedies is not merely a plant extract, but is the result of the frequency of the detoxification and protection power of the plants. Just like the Wi-Fi system that connects the entire planet, the system of these natural products is based on the use of frequencies given by some specific plants that allow sending specific messages to the neuro vegetative system of the plant and to the neuronal system of insects, reinforcing the first, and annoying the second one. There is no soil or water pollution.

In other words the system of the natural remedies' frequencies is based on the use of the electric charge of a specific plant that is able to create an electromagnetic field impregnated with detoxification properties for the plant in the surrounding space. The electric charge of a flower remedy has the ability to get in touch with the electric charge of the parasite or fungus that is unwanted.

There is an interaction between the electromagnetic properties of flower remedies and electromagnetic fields of parasites, fungi, bacteria and so on: these two charges are polarized creating the right interference that bothers insects and forces them to abandon the crop.

The flower remedies, whose electric charge expands exponentially through the use of water, have the ability to create an electromagnetic field of coverage and contrast both as pesticides, and as biocides.

About Silvia Malagoli

Born in Modena, Italy, Silvia is an environmental technician, gardener, flower-therapist, and researcher of alternative methods of healing and well-being both for persons and the environment. She works with the relationship between individuals and the environment through the use of flower remedies.
Silvia’s personal journey started as a support to psychiatric patients, the elderly, job placement and then she began gardening, until discovering and using flower remedies.

Since 2005, she began a journey of personal growth with Spiritual Healers and meditation teachers. The study of flower essences has been carried out in parallel following seminars with Julian Barnard, founder of Healing Herbs, Doctors Rupa and Athul Shah for Himalayan Flowers (AUM), Dr. Gabriel Krause, Dr. Ricardo Orozco and Angelo Fierro, and the French alchemist, Patrice Portmain.

In 2013, Silvia wrote her book "Heal flowers with Flowers" (only in Italian, "Curare i fiori con i Fiori" ed. Il Fiorino, Modena) in which she explains the use of flower essence remedies as applied to gardening. Currently, she teaches about flower therapy and its use on various different levels.

Visit her website.

Write to Silvia.  


Insecta formula

To use in the case of: aphids, cochineal, metcalfa and all the insects in general.

Useful for: all the plants, indoor and outdoor, from the roses to the horticultural plants and vegetable garden.

Formula: Agrimony, Crab Apple, Walnut, Rescue Remedy (Five-Flower Formula)

Dispensing Times: 2 times every 15 days


To use in the case of: in every case of fungals of plants; that include: downy mildew, powdery mildew, mildew, rust, and all the case of fungals in general. It works for bacteria and viruses too.

Useful for: plants indoor and outdoor which suffer of this kind of pathology; vineyard (for downy mildew) all the horticultural plants, sage (for the mildew) and the ornamental plants.

Formula: Agrimony, Crab Apple, Walnut, Rescue Remedy (Five-Flower Formula) + Chestnut Bud

Dispensing Times: 4 times every 15 days

AA formula

To use in the case of: withering, no pathologies.

Useful for: every kind of plants suffering of withering for the most different cause.

Formula: Rescue Remedy (Five-Flower Formula), Wild Rose, Olive, Gentian, Gorse, Mustard + Sweet Chestnut

Dispensing Times: 2/4 times every 15 days

After pruning trees and cuttings
(in Italy every winter gardeners prune trees)

Useful for: every kind of plants, indoor and outdoor

Formula: Rescue Remedy (Five-Flower Formula), Wild Rose, Olive, Gentian, Gorse, + Star of Bethlehem

Dispensing Times: 4/6 times every 15 days

H. Remedy formula

To use only in the case of: horse chestnut' Cameraria Horidella

Useful for: specific for Cameraria h.

Formula: Agrimony, Crab Apple, Walnut, Rescue Remedy (Five-Flower Formula), Chestnut Bud, Sweet Chestnut, White Chestnut, Wild Rose, Olive, Gentian, Gorse + Star of Bethlehem

Dispensing Times: 8/10 times every 15 days

How to dilute the flowers

I usually prepare the formula in a 250 or 500 ml bottle and dynamize different times then dilute again in 20 / 50 or more litres of water as needed and proceed to get the water on the leaves. If it is not permitted, then on the roots.



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