Key Flower Essences for Use During Menopause


Case insights from Vicka Lanier, Reiki Practitioner

Note: this report has been slightly edited for presentation

Flower essences are especially important because they help women struggling with menopausal problems, those who usually don't know where else to turn for relief except to pharmaceutical medications, since all the allopathic medical community wants to do is prescribe pills. The fact that the essences are so natural, cost considerably less, can help without side effects, and really do work, is a god-send for those of us suffering with these symptoms.

Rosemary and Fuchsia as foundational essences

I have discovered two essences that have significantly helped women suffering from hot flashes and night sweats. Using Rosemary and Fuchsia, and combining them with two to three other essences that address related issues, every woman who has used this combination has seen marked decrease of their menopausal symptoms. In some instances, the relief has been immediate, in others it has taken a week or so, but every time, the client has received relief.

Five years ago, I began experiencing menopause, and was having severe hot flash and night sweat problems. It finally dawned on me that I had the help that I needed right at my fingertips—my flower essences. I started looking for essences that would target the most obvious menopausal problems. I initially chose Fuchsia because of the "strong emotional reactions and bodily symptoms" as described for menopause, which I read about in the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz. Then, I chose Rosemary for "regulating hormonal changes." These two have been the foundational essences for every hot flash formula I have made. Additional essences augment these two by addressing other related symptoms.

To address these related issues, I often also include in the flower essence formula:

Lavender – for mood swings
California Valerian – for insomnia and inner equilibrium
Fireweed – another remedy for hot flashes
Tiger Lily – for mood swings and hot flashes
Hibiscus – for reduced sexual response
Sage – for drawing wisdom from life experiences
Sticky Monkeyflower – for menopausal transition and identity during that time period

In all cases, this essence formula is taken four drops, four times a day. For myself, I put them under my tongue. I tell my clients this is the most efficacious method, but that they can put the drops in a little water and drink it, they can put 15 drops in bath water, or put 15 drops in a spritzer bottle with a little water and spray it around themselves. Most clients repeat the formula 2-3 times. I'm still having hot flash problems and am renewing the formula periodically.

Flower essences effectively relieve discomfort

In my case, it took about a week for any changes to really be noticeable, but then the hot flashes decreased by 80%, and in the instances when I had hot flashes, they were much less severe in temperature and duration. One client had immediate relief and they went away completely. It varies with every person. My guess is that the time within which someone notices a change in their symptoms has a direct correlation between how long one has been suffering from the hot flashes, and when one starts taking the essences. A cousin of mine had been suffering with night sweats for many years; it took somewhat longer for her to see significant relief.

One client reported: “It started working right away. The severity and length decreased gradually over the first week. By the second week, I only had to take the essence morning and night, and then for two weeks didn't have to take any of the formula. I then had a hot flash and started taking again the essences in the morning; and now, I don't have any.”

About Vicka Lanier

Vicka Lanier was born, raised and still lives in Montana, where she enjoys Nature, Mother Earth and all her creatures. Simple and natural are key words for her and she feels perhaps that is why she was drawn to the practice of Reiki and the use of flower essences.

Vicka is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and is a member of IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals). She is also a Karuna® Reiki Practitioner having completed the 1st and 2nd Levels of training, and has also completed DNA I and II Theta training. Vicka began to include flower essences in her practice after having attended the FES Professional Course. Vicka very much enjoys in her practice working with animals as well.


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