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The Pioneering Work of
Drs. Susan and Julian Lange

Healing Body and Soul at the Meridian Center in Santa Monica, California

The Meridian Center

The Meridian Center for Personal and Environmental Health in Santa Monica, California, may well be the first center of its kind to find a synthesis between the alternative health movement and our growing environmental consciousness. The practitioners at the Meridian Center recognize that the health of the internal environment and the external environment go hand in hand to create a holistically healthy individual.

Dr. Susan Lange and Dr. Julian Lange, and the associates at the Meridian Center set out a few years ago to design a new, toxic free clinical environment. The team did extensive research to locate the best building and decorating materials, that have the lowest environmental toxicity, and were manufactured in ways that caused the least harm to the workers, other people and the planet.

Dr. Lange came to her environmental awareness after a serious system-wide break down. “I couldn’t eat, I was allergic…someone would walk by me with perfume and I’d collapse. Today I know it was chronic fatigue syndrome, but then I was told it was psychological.” (East West April ’91)

Already an O.M.D. (Doctor of Oriental Medicine), she started to research her problem and discovered the International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology which originated in Germany 20 years ago. Bau-Biologie is “the study of the impact of building environments upon the health of people, and the application of this knowledge to the construction of healthy homes and workplaces.” From her study came the impetus to build The Meridian Center, incorporating the idea of a nontoxic environment for the application of healing.

Her involvement with oriental medicine, based upon the Nei Jing, the ancient Chinese text that gives us acupuncture, caused her to recognize the integral effect of the environment on one’s health and well being. Her integration of Bau-Biologie and Oriental Medicine was natural and has created the first earth conscious medical center in the country. “We don’t have role models in our present culture but we do in the ancient Nei Jing…” for the integration of the external and the internal to achieve health, says Dr. Lange.

The extensive array of healing modalities at The Meridian Center go from: acupuncture to bioenergetics and Flower Essence Therapy; Craniosacral Therapy to deep tissue bodywork; homeopathy and herbalism to holistic medicine and much more.

The team approach at The Meridian Center might find a client going first through a detox program to begin removing the petrochemical damage that has been done, using homeopathy, flower essences, and herbal treatment. They might then go to a body worker, loosening the held structures in the musculoskeletal system, and then be treated with acupuncture to balance the body’s energy systems. Finally, they might work with spiritual healing, getting at core beliefs, setting up a new spiritual space to align the healing that is going on. The practitioners bring a host of professional training and expertise to their individual and team approach to healing.

The use of Flower Essence Therapy at The Meridian Center is a major part of the healing program. Dr. Susan Lange adds, “My husband (Dr. Julian Lange) is using the flower essences very specifically for all kinds of ailments using electodermal screening.” Since the mission and whole core of their practice is based on giving power back to their patients, they will teach their clients how to use a pendulum . “We teach our patients how to test for their own essences. This way they can feel empowered when they are not seeing us. It provides them with a method of self-evaluation. It helps make our practice easier when our patients are given the skills to help themselves heal.” Susan explains that many patients are private with their emotions, and pendulum testing honors this. She receives feedback from her patients that flower essences help them handle the harsh impact of western medications.

The Meridian Center has received awards for Best Alternative Health Center from the American Consumer Business Bureau. The have been seen on ABC Television and at the Natural Symposium for Health Care Design in Chicago, November 1993, and have been featured in numerous articles in East West and other magazines, recognizing their innovative approach to health and healing.

The recognition, integration and application of environmentally conscious healing, is the next step in a growing awareness that health is an inclusive idea, and can not be achieved without healing in our environment. The Meridian Center is a pioneer.

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About Drs. Susan and Julian Lange, OMD, L. Ac.

Susan Lange received her acupuncture training from England’s International College of Oriental Medicine. She is also a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and of the Institute of Core Energetics. Julian Lange has a degree in homeopathic medicine from Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in Northern California, and studied acupuncture at the New England College of Acupuncture in Boston. He also attended Zongshan Medical College in the Peoples Republic of China. Both have doctoral degrees in Oriental Medicine from Samra University in Los Angeles.

Contact Information:

Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac., and Julian Lange, OMD, L.Ac, Meridian Center for Personal and Environmental Health, Santa Monica, CA 310-395-9525;


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