Scientific Considerations

Women’s Issues

Enlivening the Theater of the Soul; Dreams & Flower Essences
  Thoughts on Abundance in Medicine Making
The Therapeutic Magic of Stories
Flower Essence Formulas: Powerful Remedies for Times of Crisis
Honoring the Soul's Connection with the Earth: the 8th level of MetaFlora healing

The Four Stages of Flower Essence Response:
A Transformational Approach to Healing

Expanding on the Work of Dr. Bach
Using the MetaFlora Approach to Healing
What are Affirmations?
written by Patricia Kaminski
¿Qué son las Afirmaciones?
The Flower Essence Game™ by Kevin Zucker
Flower Essences for the Healer—
an article by Marina Angeli
Formulas for Humanitarian Relief
Flower Essence Selection Process with Clients
by Jane Ellen


Using Flower Essences as Plant Remedies: A Green Solution
Learning to Read the Book of Nature: Madia: A Flower Essence Plant Study
  Spring and early summer: Images of Terra Flora
  Thoughts on Abundance in Medicine Making
Using Flower Essences in My Garden
by Linda Webber
Flower Essences—connection to nature's transformative power
by Julia Brayshaw
Scientific Considerations
The Problem with DNA Barcoding: The Whole is More Than its Parts
a commentary by Richard Katz
Women's Issues
Lack of self esteem after a divorce transforms to a positive transition to a new life
Case report by Ruzica Bogicevic

Becoming aware of the father influence and healing relationships with men
Case report by Jelena Ivanovic

From anger, fear and insecurity to renewed energy and focus
Case report by Snezana Negic
Working as a Childbirth Educator in Mexico; a report by Allison Bastien
Challenging But Fulfilling: Social Service Work in Guanajuato, Mexico
A Journey with Flower Essences and Painting—
Working to transform the lives of young women with disabilities
Human Papiloma Virus and Body-Soul Healing—
Two Cases Illustrating the Role of Flower Essence Therapy
  What are some of the lead essences used for conception and pregnancy?
The Power of Forgiveness in the Healing Process

Report on using flower essences with women
in the rural highlands of the Andes Mountains in Peru

Weaving Flower Essence Therapy with Energy Work
Practitioner Profile: Lorena Solinger
Listening to the Body: the Soul Crying Out in Pain a case study by Yoko Sato
Helping Young Women Reclaim the True Self: Shannon Thompson of Shakti Rising
Using Herbal Flower Oils for PMS
an interview with Elizabeth Benner
Pawlek Flower essences help family with birth and death ordeal
an interview with Debbie Pawelek


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