The North American Essences for Pets


The North American Essences for Pets by Dr. Laura Cutullo (above) is a comprehensive handbook explaining the meaning and application of the core concepts of flower essence therapy as it pertains to veterinary medicine.

Patricia Kaminski wrote the Foreword for the book and she says, “Nearly a century later, external science is now catching up with the moral vision of Dr. Bach, as well as the therapeutic insights that practitioners in the Flower Essence Society network have established for over four decades: that animals have extraordinary and profound states of soul-being; and because of such consciousness, flower essences can be used with great success in treating animals and their human companions. The reader of Dr. Cutullo’s book will be able to discover all of the practical details regarding particular essences and their therapeutic qualities.”

Dr. Cutullo speaks of her book:
“This book is solely the result of my personal daily experience using flower remedies with my patients, the animals. …
It is time to understand that animals are individuals with a full emotional/spiritual world. Dogs, cats, and also other pets, not only live and share experiences with their caregivers, they also are taking on our deepest issues, helping and protecting us either physically or emotionally. We should feel really grateful to them…
On the other hand, we can make their lives better, fuller and more peaceful, thanks also to the powerful support of the flowers, which are able to reach exactly the intimate emotional side, rebalancing it whenever needed, when our relationship with animals is problematic. In other words, when they–and we, too–need it.”
This book, Dr. Cutullo’s third, explains the complex psychology of dogs and cats, as well as the relationship animals have with their guardians. The book also includes an introduction to animal spirituality, methods for administering flower essences to animals, the possible obstacles to therapy, and questions practitioners should ask guardians, and also themselves, to make easier finding the most effective flower essences for particular situations.
The book, with the Foreword written by Patricia Kaminski and delicate comical drawings by Köbi Wiesendanger, describes 94 flower essences and additional compound formulas. One section includes a repertory of symptoms, with easy to use tables giving an overview of indications and flower essences.
The book also features case histories and practical examples of how to use North American flower essences for treating animals. For example, Dr. Cutullo cites a case using Black Cohosh, indicated for a dog showing aggressive tendencies toward other dogs and with people other than his caretaker. Dr. Cutullo was able to discern and begin to understand the reason of his behavior: “It occurred to me that perhaps the dog wanted his guardian, whom he loved so much, to be for him only, in a sole relationship. His behavior was not caused by jealousy, but his had a manipulating and possessive attitude resulting in violent and somehow devastating conduct. This was the reason why I decided to use for the first time Black Cohosh. Little by little, the dog’s attacks became less frequent and were directed only toward people with particular features. Finally, the dog never again attacked anyone.”

The North American Essences for Pets is available from Flower Essence Services.

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