From anger, fear and insecurity to renewed energy and focus


A case study by Snezana Negic, Serbia

Snezana Negic is a manager in the women’s fashion industry. She was treated with homeopathy by Tatjiana Sesum and was so satisfied with the results of her therapy that she decided to join her in practice using California flower essences. She typically works with professional women who are unhappy with their romantic love lives, and the way they look, so it is not surprising, that her most used flower remedy is Pretty Face.

A.K. is 42 years old, single, and has a problem with her chaotic life. For example, she does not have time for anything, her time in the day somehow "leaks out of her hand" without her accomplishing anything. She also has some problems with the thyroid gland.

A. lives alone, has a very responsible job and feels that she is under a lot of stress at work. She complains a lot about the company for which she works and feels insecure because the boss is not treating her as he should. In addition to that, her work for the company is not recognized and valued, and she lives in a constant fear that she will lose her job and won't find anything better. She is very critical towards herself, her education, and is insecure in her value as a professional.

The relationship with her family of origin is not satisfactory. Her father died when she was 19, and mother let her take care of the family. She has an older brother with whom she is not close; they have bad communication and she thinks that he is selfish and a bad person. A. feels anger towards him because she had had to put out much more work and energy to succeed. She thinks that he sees her as a rival. She is also angry at the parents because they thought he was better because he was better student. They always put his desires and needs before hers. Now, she is also sad because she cannot tell her brother how she feels. In her opinion, her brother and mother are taking more from her then they give her in return. That makes her very unhappy and exhausted, and if there are conflicts in the family, afterwards, she cries privately.

She has lived alone for three years now. She has lost faith that she will find a romantic partner. She is aware that she analyzes all potential partners too much, imagining how he should behave, and if something different happens she is easily disapointed. She lives like a robot now: work, home, work, home, though she sometimes goes to friends’ homes or invites friends to her place. That is her whole life. She has no idea how to improve her social life.

A. has a couple of close friends but she is reserved even with them. She never has enough time for herself. Other people are always more important. She has no hobby, is not involved in recreation, and has no initiative for anything. She has no energy for her needs; she is good only in surviving. She has anxiety and conscience in regard to indulging herself. She feels guilty for not finishing her studies, after so much time.

Her first formula included:

Madia - for the ability to focus, to combat her tendency for scattered energy

Buttercup - for her low self esteem, especially comparing herself to others

Sunflower - for low self esteem due to the bad relationship with her brother in childhood

Aloe Vera - lack of energy, feelings of exhaustion due to excessive use of vital energy

Tansy- against letargy, procrastination, isolation

Madia Buttercup Sunflower Aloe Vera Tansy

Self-esteem improves and relationships begin to heal

Her self esteem was much better. Now she is able to express her opinions at work and to express to her boss her expertise without fearing that she will lose her job.

In relationship with her brother, she feels less sensitive and vulnerable, also, she requested that her brother take on some of her activities and responsibilities concerning their mother. She has a desire to be a part of her family (her mother and brother are living together). In her relationship with her mother, she is much less angry, but she realizes now that they will never be as close as she would like. She is still working too much, and does not have time for herself. Her energy level (concerning her interests and needs) is still non existent.

Her formula included:

Mariposa Lily – for feeling of rejection by her mother, for positive attachment with the mother

Pine - for self-restriction and high expectations for herself, for feeling that she is not good enough

Centaury - for exhausting herself trying to please others, for weak will, inability to make decisions for herself, for promoting her own personality

Baby Blue Eyes - for developing childhood innocence and trust, especially because it was ruined due to the bad relationship with her brother

Peppermint - for better mental attention and alertness

Anger dissipates and improvement in overall energy and relationships

A's self esteem is good. She is more courageous in expressing her opinions, without fear that others will judge her because of them. Her work hours have been cut, and she has more time for herself (and spends that with her friends, sports etc.). Her energy level is better. Her relationships with mother and brother are better, as well; she is no longer angry, or feels hurt in those relationships.

Her new formula included:

Blackberry - for difficulties in turning her goals into concrete actions, for difficulty following her dreams

Pink Monkeyflower - for fear to express her feelings, for fear of feeling rejection and so avoid romantic relationships

Larch - for high self esteem, for believing in her abilities, for fear of making mistakes

Alpine Lily - for integration of sexuality and feminine side

A.K. is currently in the process of her third formula.



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