Resolving Physical Symptoms through Soul Awareness: alleviating the effects of hay fever


A case study by Yuko Oda

Healing plans, goals and objectives
Mr. Oda’s commentary on taking flower essences
Detailed selection of essences
Archetype remedy for Mr. Oda: Nasturtium

Though I began this therapy with the hope of improving Mr. Oda’s hay fever symptoms, the essences not only were able to tackle his physical symptoms, they also helped to stabilize his mental state. He has become calmer, his perspective has widened, and he is seeing vitality and flexibility increase day by day.


Each year from around late February, Mr. Oda's physical condition deteriorates because of pollinosis or hay fever. Since his condition makes it considerably difficult for him in his daily life, he wanted to improve his allergic reactions, however little.

Mr. Oda is an architectural designer, a job that requires precision and mental concentration. Because of this, he has the tendency to accumulate tension and stress. He is sensitive when it comes to interpersonal relationships and is a rather nervous type. He does not like to talk in front of other people. When he is unable to verbally express his inherent skills and capabilities, he becomes physically drained and psychologically worn out.

From around the middle of February, he gradually begins experiencing symptoms such as sore throat, itchiness of eyes and nasal secretion. Although he usually tries to be considerate of other people during this period when he is “under the weather” and exhaustion accumulates, he occasionally ends up blurting out his emotions straightforwardly.

On this occasion, Mr. Oda decided to start taking flower essences to improve his allergic condition and also improve his interpersonal relationships.

He used flower essences while taking nutritional supplements for alleviating hay fever. As a result of this therapy, he was able to minimize the amount of drugs and, although it was a year with heavy pollen dispersions, he found that his symptoms were lighter than the previous year. He also became good at controlling his physical condition. Psychologically, although he used to expect high standards from other people which he had rigorously imposed on himself, he felt comfortable enough to match his own standards with those of others. He also became generous enough to acknowledge good qualities in other people and to accept them. The main essences used for the therapy were Dandelion, Dill and Nasturtium.


Healing plans, goals and objectives

Short-term goals

Hay fever symptoms emerge each spring. Mr. Oda wants to alleviate them as much as possible.

Medium-term goals

To relieve himself from different kinds of stress that comes from interpersonal relationships and to ease outside stimulations. To ease tension, achieve peaceful harmony, and restore a well-balanced perception.

Long-term goals

To strike a good balance between the inner areas of the consciousness and the inner part of the body; to improve spiritual discontent and to bring about the true growth and evolution of the soul within his daily living.

Continue reading here for the detailed selection of essences.


Mr. Oda’s commentary on taking flower essences

It is truly a wonder that, while the outside world is seeing huge amounts of pollen flying in the air, I am able to maintain this condition which, although I cannot say is clear and 100% symptom-free, is nevertheless not very bad. I'm happy to see my physical condition not deteriorate; I also find that my emotions have stabilized for some reason or other. Whenever I become busy with work, I tend to get irritable and lose patience. But now, even when I'm busy, I deal with situations as they come along while maintaining my cool; I feel that I'm using my time more efficiently.

I began undergoing this therapy, hoping that I could improve hay fever symptoms which I experience each year starting around late February. At first, I did not perceive this therapy to be the one that was right for me. From the second week however, my mental tension was lifted, and I felt calmer and more settled although I don't know exactly why. My hay fever symptoms gradually improved and my physical condition has slowly recovered. I feel that as my physical state improved, my energy level rose. I am more aggressive in my relationships with other people and can use it [to advantage] in my work. My job requires concentration, so it was difficult for me to truly relax. However, I feel that extra tension and force have dissipated naturally and I can concentrate better now.

Detailed selection of essences

Session 1: February 15, 2005

Since the primary purpose was to alleviate pollinosis, I used the essences together with Papira, a 100% natural processed food product made from cedar pollens. It is unknown at this point if this therapy is working or not.

Since symptoms of hay fever have not yet emerged, Mr. Oda has not experienced any special awareness. One change, although very subtle, may be that he has become better at self-expressions; it appears that personality-wise, he has become more cheerful.

Essence selection  

Since the primary purpose was alleviation of hay fever and following Mr. Oda's request, I chose essences that would first affect and help the physical aspects.

Nasturtium (harmony between the body and the mind) – to alleviate the symptoms associated with hay fever: absent-minded, “dazed,” loss of concentration and decline in stamina

Comments: Since Mr. Oda spends much of his time using his brain, the body-soul balance tends to be disrupted. His immune system declines, making him more prone to getting hay fever, common colds and other diseases. This essence will improve the balance among intellectual, mental, physical and emotional states; it will rejuvenate him and recover vigor.

Dandelion (release of the body) – to ease and liberate his emotions that are tense, tired, and suppressed


Comments: Mr. Oda is unable to catch up with his power and stamina, and becomes more liable to accumulate tension, making it difficult for him to relax. Once something goes wrong, he becomes upset and irritable. As a result, he becomes terribly exhausted, forcing him to stay in bed for several days. With Dandelion an easy, more harmonious state will naturally come about.

Dill (growth and evolution of the soul) - control the discord or dissonance that the living environment creates

Comments: Mr. Oda’s sensitive ways are a major plus to his current work. However, if his physical condition deteriorates and his balance is disrupted, he becomes oversensitive to stimulations and stress in daily life. As a result, energy begins to stagnate. He becomes irritable and short-tempered; he loses motivation. In other words, a state of "mental indigestion" occurs. Dill will transform his overwhelmed senses into something that are more refined, clear, filled with light, and transparent; it relaxes the soul and provides inner nutrients.

Session 2: February 23, 2005  

It is late February, and the start of the hay fever season. Mr. Oda has begun sneezing occasionally but not severe enough to feel distress. He is psychologically stable; he appears more relaxed than in the previous session.

Like in the previous session, Mr. Oda used nutritional supplements. It is clear that his hay fever symptoms are milder than last year. It appears that the essences are beginning to work, little by little.

Since his physical conditions are good, Mr. Oda is mentally stable also. I can feel that he, who is very sensitive, experiences the fact that physical pain considerably affects his mental state.

Essence selection

Since his physical condition is quite good, I decided to use the same essences.

The fact that he is not experiencing any physical pain and can live with less difficulty is extremely important to him. He is trusting the flower essences more now since his hay fever symptoms are milder than before.

Session 3: March 2, 2005  

The hay fever season is now in full swing. Mr. Oda is experiencing symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and itchiness of the eyes. However, they have not aggravated as much as expected. The essences are helping restore balance in him. Nasturtium, in particular, worked to recover his body whose immune level had dropped. The physical aspects have harmonized with the mental aspects, and Mr. Oda is feeling younger now. He took the cedar pollen supplement for about 20 days but discontinued after that. It may have worked slightly and subtly but I could not tell the effects very clearly.

Though none of the symptoms is severe enough to cause problems in his daily living, he however, sometimes became sensitive to changes in his physical condition. His motivation has dropped, mental leeway is lost, and irritability sets in. This is the pattern of stress that Mr. Oda has repeatedly experienced in the past and it is beginning to emerge from time to time. Overcoming this period can be said to be Mr. Oda's new challenge.

Essence selection

Since this period is when his hay fever symptoms are the most severe, he is becoming extremely sensitive and prone to receiving stimulation and stress from the outside. Under the circumstances, I decided to continue the same essences for a while on Mr. Oda’s request.

Session 4: March 10, 2005

Although hay fever symptoms are still evident, they have settled down considerably. Mr. Oda is becoming more motivated and is able to deal with work in a more aggressive manner. Changes are becoming evident especially in his interpersonal relationships. He now has the vigor to face new types of work and can mingle actively with other people. It appeared that the effects of the three essences are being manifested in a well-balanced manner.

Mr. Oda is released from stress quite a bit and has become good at relaxing himself. Irritability that comes from poor physical condition is seen less frequently now, and it appears that his stamina and mental strength are improving. However, emotional messages have not reached his body and he perceives the limitations of his abilities somewhere. If he can become honest to his inner self and allow energy to flow through the body freely, he should be able to perform in a more natural, energetic fashion.

Selection of essences

The same essences were selected again. The fact that the hay fever has been alleviated caused awareness both physically and mentally in Mr. Oda. It appeared that he has become able to acknowledge quite deeply, the condition when he can perceive stress most readily and to consider how to react to it.

Session 5 : March 17, 2005

This year has been very different for Mr. Oda in regard to his hay fever symptoms: he has been able to spend his days quite comfortably. Not only that, he has become calmer mentally and is able to lead quite a stable life. He is doing well with interpersonal relationships; he has been able to form even better relations with some people. Personality-wise, he has become more cheerful and fun-loving, and has changed to become a person who projects a favorable image.

Essence evaluation to date

Dandelion: Mr. Oda has the ability to get things done, and assembles things based on meticulous planning and calculations. Once things get off track however, he becomes upset, tense, irritable and tends to accumulate these negative emotions inside himself. With Dandelion however, he became able to release his pent-up tension, fatigue and repression, and peaceful, harmonious emotions began flowing in a natural fashion.

His delicate sensibilities work to his advantage at his current job. Because of this however, he is sensitive to outside stimulation and energy tends to stagnate. Dill helped him to relax in his daily life, enabled him to restore well-balanced senses and to embody a spiritual life.

Nasturtium: Since Mr. Oda spends long hours using his brain , his body-soul balance tends to be lost. His immune level drops, making him susceptible to developing pollinosis, common colds and other diseases. With this essence, he was able to restore balance in his intellectual, mental, physical and emotional aspects, rejuvenate and recover vigor.

Though Mr. Oda's physical condition has improved considerably and he has recovered steadily, his stress pattern still repeats occasionally. As his future goal, he would like to achieve spiritual growth and evolution that would enable him to strike a balance between mental and physical matters, become able to relax naturally, and realize a daily spiritual life.

Essence selection

In order to continue growing, Mr. Oda requires clear-cut directionality as well as vitality and adequate inspirations to realize it. I see a soul which, although harboring a wish to realize lofty goals, is distressed over the low level of his own abilities and vitality. If it is possible to support him to express himself well and to make vibrant self-expressions in this world without being afraid of what other people think, it would bring about vitality and harmony to his work that requires intellectual and spiritual power. This would in turn, guide him to realize the will and realization of his inherently shining soul.

Blackberry (self-realization) - to provide vigor and adequate inspirations


Comments: Mr. Oda appears as if he is still not totally confident of his own abilities. This essence will help to bring about clear-cut directionality to his will, all the while enabling him to get things done, making self-realization possible.

Trumpet Vine (self-expression) - to enhance his ability to express himself

Comments: This is key to bringing out Mr. Oda's potential; if he gains the power to verbally express himself, he would become more confident, bringing forth even stronger personal appeals and vitality.

Nasturtium (recover physical vigor) – to bring about basic physical metabolic power and warmth, and add vitality to his life

Comments: Mr. Oda often overuses his brain for extended periods at work. He tends to overdo things. This essence helps him to avoid abusing his thinking energy.

Archetype remedy for Mr. Oda: Nasturtium

Mr. Oda often uses up his thought energy to excess, making it difficult to balance his physical aspects with spiritual aspects. As a child, he suffered pediatric asthma and as an adult, he is currently having problems with hay fever symptoms. As seen, he has a tendency to see his immune power drop. Nasturtium brings about warm vitality to his thought process and achieves an optimal balance in his daily life between intellectual and spiritual aspects, and between physical and emotional aspects. The essence enables him to be free from fatigue and exhaustion; his soul becomes richly creative, filled with vital power, enabling him to maximize his potential.

About Yuko Oda:

Yuko Oda attended the FES Intensive Seminar 2004 in Japan. She had a wonderful time learning about and experiencing flower essences. She was then inspired to learn even more about flower essence therapy, work with it and present the gift of flower essences to other people.

She is now studying more about counseling, horticultural therapy, and Hanging Basket Master training in order to work with flower essences.

She wishes to continue step by step realizing her own soul evolution.



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