by Ousai Oshima, Tokyo, Japan

The following is a case narrative provided by FES Certified Practitioner Ousai Oshima. It is especially compelling, as autism is a challenging area for healing. It has been edited for publication.

Addressing underlying terror and trauma
and relaxing into more genuine emotion

Social eye contact returns

Memory and intellect emerge

About Ousai Oushima

TM is a 16 year old high school student, a young man diagnosed with

TM could not repeat what was taught or could not mimic someone’s gesture or behavior. Also, as a baby he cried a lot and there were times when he cried all day long. He cried constantly whenever he left the home and he would cry every night. His only gestures were mainly repetitive movements such as nodding his head, producing sounds which were not actually words, and tearing paper into small pieces, then balling it all up. His diet consisted of steamed rice mixed with some spice and vegetables that were cut into small pieces. He would not eat anything else. His mother said that another mother with a child with a development disorder had recommended flower essences for TM. She tried them, but she did not notice a change at that time.

Eight years ago, his mother visited me for counseling about her son who was diagnosed with autism. Back then, he was working with a program for developmental disorders called the Doman Method. As a result of this program and with his mother’s support, he was able to make simple conversation by using a paper resembling a keyboard. However, he could not utter a word. At our first consultation, it was impressive that he looked at his mother with a completely indifferent face when she became emotional and shed tears.

Addressing underlying terror and trauma and relaxing into more genuine emotion

We started flower essence therapy in 2006. Sometimes his gestures appeared to show that he was frightened or scared. I discovered that there were certain places where he would begin to cry. For example, when he cried very loudly at a particular public transportation station, I asked him a question by using the keyboard. He replied that “A person who has no face told me that I am a fool and another person who is bleeding from the head licked my cheek.” We found that he was seeing invisible beings which ordinary people could not see.

I thought that it was possible that he lost his voice due to longstanding terror, and I used homoeopathy with him. Also at that time, I started using with him Rock Rose and Five-Flower Formula. (He still takes Five-Flower Formula every morning.) And around that same time, he began engaging in an art called finger drawing. He drew many pieces of art, which over the course of time working with him, clearly illustrated the progression of his soul development and health.

He became no longer afraid of dark places or narrow streets. Types of foods he could eat gradually increased to include fish, meat, fruits and more vegetables. Also, he started feeling and expressing his emotions. His indifferent facial expression disappeared, and he started to smile and show interest in people who were familiar to him.

Beginning in August of 2013, I started having TM use Shooting Star and Kinder Garden. I intended for them to help his soul to become familiar with the world in which he lived. I was able to see that he recognized planet Earth as his “home.” I saw it through his acceptance of the foods he used to reject.

In October of 2013, I gave him Borage, Oregon Grape, Angelica, Black-Eyed Susan, Self-Heal, and Yarrow Environmental Solution.  I gave him this combination in order to protect him from the interference of invisible beings and let go of the accumulated emotions he felt from harmful invisible beings. I intended that he could have new perceptions and consciousness for emotions and behaviors. 

Social eye contact returns

In February 2014, the range of foods TM could eat expanded, as well as his resistance toward eating was reduced. He was able to eat almost everything.  His mother reported that he cried much less and was less angry. She also said, “He came to look into my eyes recently.” Children who have autism usually do not look people in the eyes (or make eye contact), and he had been no exception. However, he started to make eye contact proactively.

TM’s mother also reported that he was able to avoid intrusion of others and invisible beings. He also started to use his intellect and started to exhibit mischievous behavior. At that point, I added Mountain Pennyroyal with Borage, Self-Heal, Angelica, and Yarrow Environmental Solution. (I thought that Oregon Grape and Black-Eyed Susan had finished their roles and eliminated them from the formula.) By creating this combination, I intended to protect him from interference of harmful invisible beings and remove unhealthy entities that had influence on his astral body.

Memory and intellect emerge

TM became a high school student in April of that year. He attends a high school for children with disabilities. It was a smooth transition to the new environment. There was a remarkable improvement in his behaviors, such as finding something his mother was looking for and bringing it to her. It meant that his memory was beginning to function. In July, I added Aspen to the other essences.

In August of 2014, the repetitive movement of nodding his head reduced to 50%. His mother reported that he did those repetitive movements again sometimes after he finished the essence bottle. A new change was that he became more dexterous, and was able to use scissors well.

I eliminated Self-Heal from the selection at the session and added Lilac.  Then at that time, he was taking Aspen, Mountain Pennyroyal, Borage, Golden Ear Drops, Yarrow Environmental Solution, and Lilac. By creating this combination, I intended that he could become free of the past terror and trauma, and protect his soul from harmful invisible beings and regain his authentic self.

TM’s archetypal flower essence is Mountain Pennyroyal. He has the tendency to easily take in negative energy from invisible beings and others, and he is easily hurt. By taking the essences, he is gradually getting back the healthy state of his soul.

About Ousai Oshima 

Ousai Oshima, who lives in Tokyo, is President of the Naturopathy Clinic and Holistic Naturopathy Academy.

She is practicing body and soul therapy, and is a teacher of flower essence therapy, homeopathy, and other energy and natural therapies. Ousai is a member of the Society for Mind-Body Science and Integrative Medicine of Japan.

Ousai attended the Japanese FES Professional Course in 2013 and subsequently earned her FES Practitioner Certification.


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