Flower Essences Help Family with
Birth and Death Ordeal

by T. M. D'illon

Debbie Pawlek and daughter BrooklynPeriods of extreme transition are frequently some of the most trying times we face. Flower essences have proven to be remarkable in helping one cope and grow from these stressful times. The experiences of a family in Elko, Nevada, are a clear illustration of how effective they can be.

In this case, essences were used in grief therapy, for a new baby, and in the adjustment of moving into a new house. These experiences occurred within a few months of one another.

"We had been living with my Mom and Dad for two weeks, waiting for a house to be built for us," Debbie Pawelek remembered. "First my daughter Brooklyn was born. Two days later Dad died in a train accident. It was a very rough time."

Debbie's mother, Arlene Jones, owns a health food store in Elko that sells flower essences. Debbie helps out with bookkeeping. On the day their father died, the family was in emotional shock and trauma. They had used essences before, and tried them again.

After consulting the Flower Essence Repertory and using muscle testing diagnosis, they tried a combination of Star of Bethlehem and Borage. "We also listened to the Nickie Murray tape, Flower Essences for the Family," Arlene said. Later, they would change to Bleeding Heart and Pine.

A few drops were taken directly from the stock bottle, put into a sports sipper bottle containing spring water, and taken throughout the day.

"It was like a miracle had happened," Arlene recalled. "The flower essences really took the edge off."

As the essences helped the family in their grief therapy, Debbie was having trouble with her new born daughter, Brooklyn. She cried incessantly, especially when exposed to new people. Debbie couldn't calm her down. Brooklyn wasn't suffering from any of the normal childhood maladies, and Debbie was at a loss. "She seemed to be upset over something all of the time. It was frustrating."

In a few months Debbie was ready to start Brooklyn on water. It also seemed a good time to start the baby on flower essences. "I had listened to the cassettes you sell at FES (Flower Remedies for the Family, et al) and they said essences were good for babies," she explained. "So Mom and I looked up sensitivity issues in the Flower Essence Repertory. We did three-way muscle testing. Brooklyn tested out for Snapdragon, St. John's Wort, Poison Oak and Chamomile."

They put two drops of this combination in Brooklyn's purified water four times a day.

"The tapes said essences could work faster on a child because their spirit hasn't been polluted. Instantly we saw a difference. She was a totally different child. The drops have just opened up her heart to others. Before she was so full of anger and frustration. She was very sensitive to others being around her. Now she just laughs and giggles, not sensitive at all."

After undergoing such extreme transitions, Debbie and Arlene believe in the healing power of the flower essences more strongly than ever before. Debbie's husband and son take them.

"We believe in a healthy atmosphere for the body and the spirit. I believe God is giving us a real gift by allowing us to be together during these times and to be able to share it. As a family we have grown a lot spiritually. And the essences have really helped us."

The Natural Nutrition health food store is located at 1900 Idaho Street, Suite 106, Elko, NV 89801. (702) 738-8818.

from telephone interview November 20, 1997,
updated February 15, 1999


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