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The following text reflects the healing stage reached through flower essence therapy by Ricardo Castro—economist, law school graduate and public servant—when facing a challenge in his professional life. Ricardo has been a regular client for more than six years, with monthly appointments, and has adopted flower essence therapy for his personal development and maintenance of his physical and emotional well being.

Through all these years, many issues have been brought to the surface, worked with and re-constellated. Though many of these issues were related to more directly perceived areas of his daily life, there was an area which had been receiving unconscious nurturing and care, little by little, because of his spiritual development: this was his growing bond with the Earth, with nature, and the perception of this living being that welcomes us.

Approximately four years ago, Ricardo chose to speak of bioethics in a monograph at the conclusion of his law course and more recently in 2008, this text was published in Correio Popular, the largest newspaper in Campinas, Brazil.

As I analyzed his therapeutic process of the past two years, which preceeded the writing of the text, I identified the continual presence of green flowers, particularly Green Cross Gentian, Green Rose and Green Rein Orchid in his flower remedy formulations. The first, Green Cross Gentian, would remain in his formula for over a year due to his great discouragement with humanity, and the doubt that Good could really defeat Evil. Green Rose was also repeated for several months to fight his natural tendency towards introversion, by helping him to get involved with daily life. Green Rein Orchid was very useful during the phases in which he felt devitalized, allowing him to be replenished through earth’s vital forces.
Along with the green flowers, Lotus and Love-Lies-Bleeding were also always present in his formulas to expand his vision about the circumstances he faced beyond the personal dimension, as well as Scotch Broom, to keep hope for positive outcomes, Hawthorn to soften the hostile forces in his heart, and Explorer’s Gentian, to give him strength and courage to restart in a new position.

Scotch Broom
Explorer's Gentian

Even before the outcome of his professional dilemna, Ricardo had changed. His understanding and love renovated by his earthly journey, led him to register his change in the deepest levels of his soul – his ability to see the earth as a sacred part of creation (Patricia Kaminski). Ricardo had reached the eighth MetaFlora level of healing with the flower essence remedies.

Rosana Souto is a certified practitioner and authorized teacher by the Flower Essence Society and Healingherbs, and is the Director of the Cosmos Institute of Flower Therapy (www.cosmosinstituto.com.br).



Editor's note: for an overview of the MetaFlora system and how it can be applied in flower essence therapy practice, please read “Expanding on the Work of Dr. Bach Using the MetaFlora Approach to Healing.”


Planet Earth, my home

by Ricardo Antonio de Castro
castrora@ uol.com.br

Your majestic greatness and your loving production enchant me and inspire the reverence and thankfulness for what you offer me.

Through millenniums, your systems of living “tissues” have fascinated ecologists, artists in general, the media and the lovers of life, even if they remain unnoticed by most of the small and fragile beings which inhabit you, in particular, those who exploit you.

It is unnecessary to point out the functioning of each one of these systems because they are all around us, being part of the development of what only a prodigious mind is capable of creating: life.

Just because of that, you should receive my joy and gratitude for my being here under your dominion.

Planet Earth, you guide us in the astral darkness and in the unknown solar system in millimetric and rhythmic rotations.

You cradle and conduct us in this icy part of the cosmos, keeping your core adequately heated, balancing the needs of life, by neither distancing from the Sun, not to freeze, nor getting close, not to burn yourself.

Your Nature, Planet Water, is harmonious and with divine mastery, you rule the diversity and the exuberance of plain beauty and interactivity, from the smallest individuals to the largest ones, with higher or lower intelligence.

You, in your immense wisdom, have been generous. You give to all species all that they need. You assure them the air, the water, the earth, the home, the food, the clothing, the space, the colors, the sound, the rain and the Sun’s energy in the right proportions for life.

What will become of you if man, in fact, irreversibly alters the natural and healthy course of the thin atmospheric layer, of the winds, of the sea currents, and of air and water quality which are the pillars of life?

Forests, meadows, swamps, glaciers, savannas, oceans, rivers, seas, lakes, caves and abyssal regions are homes to all species. Right after the occurrence of an environmental disaster, they would be the first victims.

You, Planet Water, are a loving complex with much yet to be revealed and can become humanity’s worst nightmare.

Man, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, fish, crustaceans, corals, insects, flowers and microorganisms are your most notable and precious beings confirming your loving creation. They breathe the same air, drink the same water and share the same spaces.

Blue Planet, you are unique!

Even if man persists in his exploitation, you will survive in any case and your Nature will adapt itself. And this is also because you do not measure your time through your “creations.” Your existence is measured in millenniums or in eras and your cycles are still being learned by science.

How fragile and ignorant are we before you!

Blue Planet, your Nature has shown its power since the primordial times. Even so, we create technology, comfort and despise it.

So far, you have forgiven us. But you will call us to face our responsibilities. Hurricanes, flooding, glacier and polar cap melting, tsunamis, volcanoes, strong winds, disappearance of species and the appearance of new diseases are taking place with more and more frequency and intensity.

You have not yet shown what global famine due to fast population growth, combined with new technologies could yield.

Blue Planet, your power is humble; you know what you want and where you are going. All is recycled in you, making life out of death and a new planet at each moment.

As your “creations,” you are a great living being. You pulse vital energy and share it with the other beings.

You are a wonderful and constant process of divine creation!

Infinite, glorious and divine universal intelligence, thank you very much for the blessing of being here!

Life and God, to me, are a construction which expresses itself through love, in which you, Blue Planet, appears as a great vehicle of universal desire.

With your unconditional love for the diversity produced in you, I believe that even imperfection is perfect.

Humanity is facing a choice: betting on the present culture, or loving this planet more. The new movement will demand investments in a different education which gives real prestige to life, which values less some of the abstractions created by man, thus awakening him from his environmental myopia. The universe and our children will be very thankful to this.

For all of this and much more, Planet Earth—Planet Water—Blue Planet, your life is ours; it is my life.

Love should be your name.

Planet Love, my home.


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