A Report by Linda Webber
Flower Essence Practitioner
Bellingen, Australia

My application of flower essences to plants is really quite simple. When choosing flower essences for plants, I usually pick a few that are relevant to what's at hand.

When transplanting, I have found that if I also water the soil, with flower essences included, in which the plant will be placed before as well as after planting, that the results are much stronger. With mature and well-established plants, I will water both the new area, and the plants to be moved, for a couple of days before and after transplanting. I have not lost a plant to date. Last year I transplanted two Gardenias that were three feet tall, each of them fully covered in buds about to open. After preparing the soil and the plants, there was no change whatsoever in the plants' conditions, and the flowers continued to bloom.

There's quite a difference in the length of time that cut flowers last indoors when they're given flower essences in their vase water.

Following are some short descriptions of essences I use to help plants:

Rescue Remedy/Five-Flower Formula for stress, trauma and shock (when transplanting, pruning).

Walnut for transition, when transplanting and even moving plants from one area (or house) to another.

Sweet Pea for plants that are grown in crowded areas or situations, especially when a new plant is introduced to an area where plants are already established. Helps plants get along well together.

Sweet Pea

Tansy especially for seedlings, also when transplanting, gives plants energy and vitality, producing immediate growth. Cut flowers also last longer in vases.

Corn for plants that are grown in pots that are off the ground, especially those in high rise buildings, to help them connect to the earth's energies.

Cayenne for cuttings, produces fine rootlet hairs very quickly. Good with Tansy for fast growth.

Aloe Vera

Mulla Mulla for plants who have gone through fire trauma, and also beneficial in really hot weather that can burn the plants.

Aloe Vera also for hot weather conditions, helps plants stay cool and hold their energy.

Sunflower for plants that don't get enough sun.

Self-Heal is beneficial when pruning, and for "sick" plants. Good with Yarrow & Thyme.

She Oak for seeds that may be old, helps with fertility.

Blue Flag (Iris) for both the plant and the person who is about to shape a plant (topiary).

Blue Flag (Iris)

About Linda Webber

Linda, who lives in Bellingen, Australia, has been a flower remedy practitioner since 1990, applying Dr. Bach's original remedies and her own range of flower and vibrational essences to people, pets, and plants.

She also uses flower essences in bodywork, energy healing and massage, assisting the healing process on all levels.

Founder of Sacred Space Essentials, Linda's vision is to share the benefits and versatility of incorporating flower and vibrational remedies into our everyday living.

She is available for personal consultations.

Please visit her website.



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