Quitting Tobacco


Quitting Tobacco

Without irritation and without gaining weight?

March 9, 2005, by Lydie Alves

Editor's note: This report was translated from the French language by Alison Marie Anderson; used with permission of the author.

How many times have you tried to stop smoking? And how many times have you resumed again? Perhaps only at the request of your companions who finally couldn't bear to be around you, your moodiness, aggressiveness and the irritations that go with quitting. Not to mention that, whether we want it or not, we find ourselves gaining weight on top of it all.

One resumes smoking some time later (for reasons more or less “phony”) and with gained weight, not to mention the disapproving glances of others.

Personally, I quit smoking four times! Two times were during my pregnancies and breastfeeding, then I resumed afterwards. The third time, it was my doctor that scolded me and recommended that I use the patch. Between us, it doesn't do much of anything! Then I tried the "Hetero Iso" system. What's that, you ask? You go to the pharmacy with your cigarette, and from its composition they make a homeopathic remedy for you. This method is in my opinion one of the best, most effective and easier to follow. Unfortunately though, I was constantly in the mood for smoking. That was 15 years ago, and I did not prevail in my attempts to quit. The fourth time saw the result of this (Hetero Iso) method I tried again—last year; several days after quitting, my grandfather died and I resumed smoking.

A glimmer of hope?

Recently I was sent some FES flower essences. I was delighted and, a little like a child who has been given a new toy, ready to delve into the discovery. I am already acquainted with the Bach flowers, which I use and advise in my consultations. Before counseling with the essences I like to test them, see about their efficacy. In the batch there was Yarrow Environmental Solution. I look at the brochure; it is for environmental pollution, developed after Chernobyl, for radiation, etc. I thought to myself, "yes, why not, for all this technology—TV, computers, etc., it can't be bad!" But in this case it would be necessary almost every day to take it. Furthermore, it is recommended to be taken directly from the bottle, which is a challenge for some of us!

I am fascinated by information, and I pass an enormous amount of time in front of the computer. I also noticed that I smoke a lot more when I am in front of my screen. I decided therefore to use the Yarrow formula, but since at this time I am also working on some old anger and, since I have the essence in a 2nd dilution preparation, I put 6 drops of this essence formula in my 1½-liter water bottle, so not to mix it with the others.

At the end of the day, I noticed that I had smoked much less, which confirmed to me that the waves released by the computer had an effect on me and my consumption of nicotine. Then, I had an idea...tobacco today has nothing to do with tobacco in cigarettes some years ago; many chemical products are added, so perhaps Yarrow Environmental Solution acts also on this level, for it is certainly a matter of pollution. I decided to do a test.

The next day, I was going to be passing the day with a girlfriend, also a tobacco user, so when we are together we smoke even more. I asked her to come with a 1½-liter bottle of water. I explained to her that I wanted to do a test on the day concerning the consumption of tobacco. Into the water bottle I put the following FES essences:

•  6 drops of Yarrow Environmental Solution: for the chemical products in cigarettes

•  6 drops of Yarrow: for completing the protection on the mental level

•  6 drops of Chamomile: to appease, for overall calming, and especially for missing the nicotine

•  6 drops of Nicotiana: which is an essence specifically indicated for tobacco problems


Each prepared with our bottle, we began to drink at 10 AM and by 7 PM not much remained in the bottles. The test was to do everything as we usually do, not changing anything in our behavior, and see at the end of the day if the mixture had an effect or not.

A path to refine.

The conclusion of the day, to our great surprise, was very positive. In the first hours, other than having a little harsh taste in the mouth from the salt in the Yarrow formula, we noticed nothing in particular. In the afternoon, when it counts, we found we smoked less and were very calm; towards the end of the afternoon we had no real desire to smoke, and didn't even think of it. If we had a cigarette, the taste was not very pleasant. And always we were very calm and very Zen!

Upon reflection and without hesitation, I can say that daily use of the flower essences will result in cutting down to just 2 or 3 cigarettes, and from there, to not smoking at all. All this in a context where one is not tugged by cravings and compensations of all sorts. You become so calm that you are not seeking to nibble at food.

Arriving at the end of our trial, I think also it must be necessary to continue for some time in order to detoxify the body and the spirit. Perhaps even to add other essences, if needed. I am not going to continue at this time, because before that I have other things to address and I cannot take too many essences together, but I have just now little time to resume this experience.

I am not very familiar with the flower essences of FES and perhaps those who know them better will add to them additional essences. But I wanted to be part of this experience, which appears to me very promising, and rapid. For, contrary to other methods where one always has more or less "the idea" to want to smoke, and that becomes a fight-here the idea does not present itself at all, and we forget. It is only after one says to themselves, "well, let's see...I have not smoked since..."

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Editor's Note: Please see Calix: International Journal of Flower Essence Therapy for full coverage of the topic on smoking cessation in an article entitled “Soul on Fire: Healing Tobacco Addiction with Flower Essence Therapy” by Patricia Kaminski. Issues addressed in the article include:

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