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Rosana Souto S. Vieira

Rosana Souto S. Vieira has trained widely in the field of healing arts, including astrology as well as flower essence therapy. In 1990, she left her original career as a chemical engineer to dedicate her life to helping others. One of the highlights of Rosana's therapeutic work is in association with Núcleo Mãe Maria, a volunteer network of healthcare givers, teachers and psychologists who serve a needy community from Campinas, São Paulo. She has introduced flower essence therapy at the institution and, since 1998, she has been helping a great number of children with severe learning disorders. In 1999, Rosana founded the Instituto Cosmos de Terapia Floral (Cosmos Institute of Flower Therapy) in order to provide general support and information to the Campinas region of Brazil. In addition, she has been coordinating the branch of the Brazilian Association of Flower Essences - ABREFLOR, in Campinas, since 1998. Rosana has recently completed her certification through the Flower Essence Society, and the following articles were written in conjunction with the program.

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Developing Soul Relationships
Through Dreams and Memory



Baby Bllue Eyes
Baby Blue Eyes
Healing the Father Archetype
in the Soul


Rosana can be reached via e-mail at rosana.floral@gmail.com. She speaks fluent English and Spanish, as well as some German, and her native Portuguese.

Rosana Vieira and Patricia Kaminski
at a flower essence seminar hosted by Essencias Florais,
near Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 2000


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