— this is a collaborative article written by Sally Dawson and Jann Garitty

Dr. Sally Dawson has worked 19 years as a chiropractor, initially for five years working and living in Ireland. She and her husband John (also a chiropractor whom she met in the States during their training) are now settled with their family in New Zealand again. She uses Contact Reflex Analysis and nutrition analysis along with a variety of chiropractic techniques. Dr. Dawson has incorporated healing concepts gleaned from Candice Pert Ph.D., Deepak Chopra MD, Carolyn Myss Ph.D., Rachael Naomi Remen MD, and others who are trying to make the same mind-body connections. She has also been influenced by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner especially relating to education and anthroposophical medicine. Sally has been using flower essences for three years. Initially she began using Bach flowers which she obtained from a friend. Subsequently, a copy of the Flower Essence Repertory came into her hands, and it was the defining moment for beginning her work with flower essences.

Indeed, her work with flower essences has been important to her; she now feels very passionate about them and the power they hold. Flower essence therapy is connected to her deep love of nature. Sally feels it is important to use the flower essences with complete love and compassion, and that they are a real gift and an honor to work with—she feels blessed—for her it is a connection with the love of God on a cellular level and a connection on the soul level.

I find if I listen with my heart and my soul in a loving way the patient always knows what their issues are, and is so relieved to list them and be encouraged that there is hope.

From what I have observed they gently unlock deeply ingrained patterns in the psyche which even counseling, affirmations and positive thinking sometimes are unable to shift. It is like the pattern has taken hold in the etheric/soul level. With this gift from God, we can gently assist the patient to move on. I have observed so many beautiful changes, I am often moved to tears. When the patient returns they look visibly released, and are excited to share the changes that have occurred. Then they can move on physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually if they choose. I often will suggest supplements to boost the system if it is fatigued. I feel this is very important and also makes for a speedy recovery when the body has the physiological "nuts and bolts" to proceed.

Sally feels it's a great responsibility on the part of practitioners working with vibrational remedies—they have a big part to play in the whole process—and they must be careful. To illustrate this point Sally describes a personal experience being given a dosage bottle by a practitioner. After initially using it, she woke up in the middle of the night with a "jolt", feeling very chaotic and confused, later finding out that the practitioner had given her 24 remedies in one bottle—it was simply too much.

Choosing flower essences: listening closely to the client

Sally chooses flower essences for her clients by listening closely to what they have to say. She lets her clients know there is no judgment involved in what they feel and tell her. She conveys her lack of judgment by phrasing her leading questions in a non-threatening manner, giving common examples involving low self-esteem or abandonment. Importantly, she imparts a sense of hope, that symptoms always have a cause or a reason.

Sometimes while working with a person she feels the "epitome" of one emotion—intense grief or fear for example—and knows it is the core issue. When treating a certain part of the body, Dr. Dawson sometimes receives an image or symbol indicating how that person is immobilized, therefore hindering the healing process. The fascinating work of Candice Pert, Ph.D. neuroscientist, has confirmed scientifically that emotional states or moods are produced by various neuropeptide ligands. Memories and emotions are triggered once they contact the appropriate receptor sites on cells throughout the body. Peptides seemingly weave the body's organs and systems into a complex web that reacts to both internal and external changes. The message transmitted into the cell can change the state of the cell dramatically. Perhaps this is how the flower essences work transmuting the cellular message so the patients physiology and emotional state can respond in a more positive way.

Collaboration with a medical intuitive

In some cases, Dr. Dawson consults with a medical intuitive to resolve symptoms or issues which are perplexing. She receives valuable information such as what part of the body or psyche may be involved. For example, one woman reacted to nearly all foods, and could eat almost nothing. The intuitive noted a deep fear of moving forward, and pinpointed a traumatic experience when the client was around age five. Sally asked the woman if something had happened around that age, and she said no. Next Sally asked a "low-key" question using the word "fear" to further query her. The client responded that she'd had a traumatic time at a progressive school from ages 5-6, and said she was indeed fearful of life. So, a combination of Garlic, Self-Heal, Rock Rose, Mountain Pride, and Star of Bethlehem was given to her for fear.

Another situation involved a child who had not been moving forward after various treatments. The intuitive was able to reveal that it was actually the mother's issue. Then, once the mother was treated, both people could progress.

Easing the blockage of emotional pain

A related case involving the intestinal area was with a lady in her 60s visiting from Denmark. Her upper abdominal area was bloated, with intense pain to touch, so much so that even the suggestion by Sally of lavender oil gently applied topically was too much pressure. She had chronic constipation with one tiny dehydrated bowel motion about once a week. A colonic in Denmark had made the whole situation even worse. Sally was concerned about a blockage or tumor and sent her for medical tests which came back negative.





Red Penstemon

Red Larkspur

Components of the Spiritual Leadership Research Formula

On every visit her eyes looked deeply sad, almost haunted. Although a very private person, she gradually revealed that she had lost her fiancé in January a couple of years previously, and a number of years before that her husband had died on the same day in January. Sally believes she was holding all her emotional pain in her intestinal area and could not let it go by herself. She tried a number of essences—none of which helped, until Sally put her on a combination of Spiritual Leadership (Larkspur, Red Penstemon, Sage, Red Larkspur, Iris, Columbine) and Glassy Hyacinth to help ease her trauma and give her courage to transform it and move on. Within a couple of days the change was amazing, the lump and bloated tenderness was easing considerably. Normal bowel movements resumed and her eyes looked quite different, she seemed a lot happier and lighter within herself.

Glassy Hyacinth

Clients carry backpacks of stuff that flower essences soothe and ease away. They do so much better and respond more quickly with the use of flower essences in their treatment. If the right remedy is administered, it can be profound.

Sally Dawson
with her husband, John

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