A Case Study by Yoko Sato  

D was a workaholic whose physical symptoms were a result of her soul’s unhappiness with life. This is a fascinating case showing many stages of transformation, challenges, resolutions and metamorphosis of the soul toward a new vision and identity.

Case summary

D is a 47-year-old office worker who has two grown-up children. She is engaged in real estate sales at a construction company. She divorced her husband twelve years ago. Fourteen months earlier, chunks of hair around her forehead fell out suddenly, leaving an alpecia areata with a 4-cm diameter. Furthermore, she drastically lost weight from 50 kg to 40 kg in three months though she did not go on any special diet. She continued to experience insomnia, loss of appetite and dizziness. As a result, she became anxious and depressed. Examinations at the internal medicine department detected no abnormalities. She went to the department of psychosomatic medicine where she was diagnosed with depression. Symptoms did not improve with acupuncture or massage. She began reading books on spirituality, thinking that she might be sick in her heart.

The problem with D was that she could not see that her body was screaming for help. She was not unhappy with her actual job, but instead was feeling a sense of satisfaction. However, she often had to go to the office on weekends and holidays. It was such difficult work that she could not take time to relax. In addition, she had to raise her two children all by herself after the divorce. She worked hard outside the home and tried to do her best as a mother. Certainly she came close to the limit.

Moreover, although she had a boyfriend after divorcing her husband, she had to separate from him; it appeared that she was still suffering emotional damage. In short, her body and heart were terribly damaged.

She started to take flower essences and soon noticed that she was far from expressing her feelings frankly toward her family and/or her boyfriend. She also found that fuzzy hair was beginning to grow around her forehead where she had the alopecia areata. Then she quit her job and went to Bali for one month on a restful vacation. In short, D finally granted herself the permission to take care of herself.

While in Bali, D was scammed out of a huge amount of money. She suffered a great deal of shock, but with the help of Five-Flower Formula, she was able to think carefully and to look inside of herself. It was the first time she was scammed. This experience allowed her to become aware of how she was happy in her life with nice people surrounding her. She was also shocked to see many poor people in Bali. Although the vacation was troublesome, she had a lot of fun, too. Finally, she returned home as a grown up human being. Her emotional damage was apparently healed as she no longer thought of her former boyfriend.

After returning to Japan, she found a temporary job and is now working just to support herself and family. She still tends to be too strict with herself on job performance and pushes herself to the limit. However, now she can look at herself objectively and reflect upon herself. As a result, she has come to realize she can do things at her own pace instead of feeling guilty. Her health conditions gradually have improved and she has gained some weight. This means that she has eliminated her depression. She has yet to find a job that makes her soul happy, she said that she will keep on searching patiently as she recovers her physical and mental strength. The most effective flower essence for D to rid herself of depression and regain her vitality was Bleeding Heart.

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About Yoko Sato

Yoko Sato was born in 1957. She produced of the first “new age” festival held in Japan and was the chief editor of “Fili” magazine which was devoted to new age world issues.

Later, Yoko learned about aromatherapy and flower essence therapy. Currently, she sells essential oils, does flower essence therapy and numerology counseling, and holds seminars in Tokyo and Fukuoka.

Yoko is an AAJ-certified aromatherapy adviser, FES-certified practitioner, reiki healer and a member of the Cabala Society Japan. She resides in Tokyo.


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