Scientific Studies

Scientific Studies


The Flower Essence Society funds scientific research studies using strict double-blind placebo protocols. We believe that such studies serve a dual purpose, contributing to our knowledge of the specific, measurable effects of flower essence therapy, and helping to establish the validity of flower essences in the scientific and medical communities.

We welcome applications for small programs, or for seed money for starting larger research projects. We are also available for consultation for educational and research institutions wishing to conduct their own flower essence research.

The following are examples of FES-funded research:

Dr. Jeffrey Cram, Ph.D. (1949-2005), a former research and clinical psychologist with the Sierra Health Institute in Nevada City, California, completed two double-blind placebo studies of the effects of flower essences on stress.

Click here for a detailed report on the results of the Five-Flower Formula stress study.

The first study involves the use of Five-Flower Formula (Dr. Bach's emergency formula, also sold under the brand name Rescue Remedy.) by subjects in an induced stress situation - a mental arithmetic exercise. In the test group of 24 subjects, those using the flower remedy were found to have a significantly reduced level of reactivity, as measured by muscular activity (EMG) at spinal locations corresponding to the heart and throat chakras.

Click here for the report on the results of the study
on flower essences and environmental sensitivity.
The second study involves Five-Flower Formula and Yarrow Special Formula, which includes Yarrow, Arnica, and Echinacea, (now known as Yarrow Environmental Solution) with subjects exposed to an intense environmental stimulus - strong, unshielded fluorescent lights. Both EMG (muscular activity) and EEG (brain wave activity) measurements were made. Those taking either flower essence formula showed far less reactivity to the lights as measured by the beta wave brain activity at nine sites clustered around the frontal lobes, and by muscle activity in the heart chakra area.

First Results of FES Depression Study published by International Journal of Healing and Caring


We welcome your ideas for organizing flower essence research projects. The Flower Essence Society would be willing to consider being consultants for worthy research endeavors. Please feel free to contact us at any time to submit your ideas or proposals.


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