Using Herbal Flower Oils for PMS

by T. M. D'illon

"I think the Seasons of the Soul herbal oils are so exciting, because they encapsulate the four seasons the woman goes through each month," said Elizabeth Benner, a Pittsburgh teacher who conducts Coming of Age workshops for families who have children coming into adolescence. "It's great to actually have something in your hand that you can move and feel and prepare during these cycles."

Benner Family

According to Benner, PMS is the one issue that comes up most with women. "A woman feels like she is literally free falling into gravity during that part of the month, hence the term, the Fall. When a woman goes into the transition of PMS hormonally it is wonderful to have positive tools to help integrate with the falling. Arnica Alleve is one of them,"

She points to Rudolf Steiner's writings on Autumn as "another tool, a guidebook for women to understand what their Fall is about when they go into PMS." Flower essences, essential oils, and supportive therapies such as meditation, yoga, and journaling are also part of her Fall recipe.

Benner mixes 20-40 drops of Arnica Alleve in a misting bottle filled with springwater, and will spray her entire etheric area whenever she starts feeling tense. Before she takes a bath or shower she will give herself a 10 minute oil massage featuring a mix of Sunflower and olive oils and Arnica Alleve. Benner also suggested putting a Dandelion Dynamo compress on the liver.

"I will also take a therapeutic bath once a week with 20 drops of whatever Seasons of the Soul oil coincides with that time of the month," she continued, "Arnica Alleve for PMS week, Mugwort Moon Magic the week before PMS, and so on."

Benner notes the Fall in a woman's monthly cycle is the ideal time for serious speech communication. "Emotionally, anything that has been sunk to the bottom gets dredged up during menstruation. But it is wise to warm those thoughts before they come out — it isn't positive to want to spit them out all cold and hard. So I also use the Benediction oil on my heart and Calendula Caress around my throat chakra during this time."

Communication between a man and woman is very important during the Fall, Benner contends, and crucial in marriage. "Men just have not been informed of the woman's cycle, and marriage is supposed to be a partnership. I have a calendar for my husband with my Fall times marked on it. Those are the times when everything I want to discuss with him, all of the issues in our life that need attention, all of a sudden come out. The other times of the month just aren't there for me. So the Fall is a real focus time for us. That is what Autumn does for everybody. A time of real reflection."

Even with the best intentions, angry moments happen, and for those times Benner recommends adding a combination formula to the Arnica Alleve base consisting of essential oils Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang, and flower essences Borage and Bleeding Heart. "Anything that pertains to bleeding is really helpful during this time."

"Sleeping and dreaming are very important and necessary at this time — take extra sleep and take naps and journal your dreams as they tend to be very powerful during PMS," Benner suggested. "Meditation and yoga also work well for me."

The week before PMS is a woman's Summer cycle and Benner believes it is the perfect opportunity to use Mugwort Moon Magic for breast massage. "Women are supposed to massage their breasts monthly to check for cancer and the Summer is the time to do it," she said. "A woman doesn't want to be checking her breasts during the Fall cycle because the breast tissue changes during bleeding. The ideal time to do it is after ovulation, which is a more settled time, the summertime. The moon time. A woman has these two moons on her body. During the Summer week, in the mornings, I give myself a breast massage twice a day during that week It is an opportunity to appreciate my breasts and the nourishment that they provide my babies. I use a circular motion, going under the armpits, all around — not as a searching medical probing event but to appreciate and bless my body. Mugwort Moon Magic is like a balm and the smell is sooo nice."

Benner has developed an "Insomnia Mist" to spray on pillows before bed. Using Saint John's Shield as the base, she adds essential oils Lavender and Chamomile, and flower essences Mugwort, Forget Me Not, and Shooting Star. "If I wake up or if my children have a bed dream I will mist again."

Her "Wake Up Formula" consists of essential oils Rosemary and Juniper and Morning Glory flower essence.

Elizabeth Benner, a mother of two, is inspired by Anthroposophy in her work. She is a writer, teacher and workshop presenter. Her children are Waldorf educated. She may be contacted for consultations at 785-272-2486.


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