Social Service Examples


Social Service in Haiti

Examples of Flower Essences used
in Social Service Work

Although the Independent Studies Option for Social Service has been initiated in 2017 as part of the FES Certification Program, flower essence practitioners in the Flower Essence Society network have long contributed to many humanitarian and social service programs.

We present the following examples of social service projects as inspiration for flower essence practitioners who wish to pursue FES certification by working with a population in need or with a common social healing issue, rather than the typical one-on-one therapy. Please review the full documentation requirements for the Independent Studies Option for Social Service as part of the FES Certification Program. Not all components of the certification program are necessarily reflected in the various reports below.

The ACESA Project in Capuava Brazil; the remarkable benefits of flower essence therapy for individuals with disabilities and their community 

Providing Flower Essence Therapy to Disadvantaged Children in Brazil

Working with the Children at Project Moendy

Using Flower Essences at Lar Do Nenen (“Babies' Home")

Cambodia Acupuncture Project: Introducing acupuncture and flower essences to a country recovering from civil war and genocide

Report on the Relief Efforts with Flower Essence Therapy for the Sichuan Earthquake in China

Ongoing Relief Aid Efforts in Haiti 

Relief Aid Volunteers Use Flower Essences in the Devastated Areas of Eastern Japan 

Bringing Flower Essences to Nepal

Bringing Flower Essences and Hope to Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines

Read a booklet by Patricia Kaminski:
Flower Essences for Crisis Relief and Humanitarian Aid.


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