Human Papiloma Virus and Body-Soul Healing—Two Cases Illustrating the Role of Flower Essence Therapy


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By Lorena Solinger as related to Jann Garitty

Note: The following are very detailed case studies occurring over long periods of time, which illustrate the connection between soul healing and the physical body. Both cases involved women who were diagnosed with having Human Papiloma Virus (HPV). They were resolved successfully and had common elements: the women had unsupportive fathers, rigid strictness in their families of origin, strong ties to their parents, and feelings of guilt in regard to their sexuality (though one was promiscuous and the other wasn’t). Lorena felt that Fairy Lantern was significant and was indicated at some point for both of them; it helped foster their growth in emotional maturity and their confidence in taking responsibility for their choices and life destinies.

For more information on the therapies utilized in Lorena’s practice, read here.

Case #1: “…the first time I have been able to have a voice in a relationship”


S.F., 28 years old, Italian family background

S.F. majored in English Literature and had minor degrees in Art and Creative Writing from the University of Colorado. She had also studied for a year in Florence, Italy. She has a catering business selling fresh, organic sandwiches which she delivers to shops, and is also a sales person in a clothing store.

Summary of S.F.'s medical history over a three year period of time:

  • Went for regular check up, had positive HPV cells and abnormal Pap test results; her doctor said she wanted to see her every 6 months
  • Gynecological visit; negative HPV test, and normal Pap test
  • First met with Lorena
  • Involved in stressful relationships in dating and also at work, drama with co-workers and problems with self-esteem, abnormal
  • Pap test and positive HPV test
  • HPV-free and Pap test perfect

Conflicting feelings about family dynamics

S.F. talks about the physical abuse that occurred in her family, her ambivalent feelings toward her father, and the resulting mistrust she experiences in her relationships with men. She also speaks of her obsessive-compulsive behavior, and also of her ongoing healing process.

Flower essences were selected for her challenge to please people, to clear anger and resentment, to be in contact with her “angel,” for self-esteem and for healing issues with her father.

During the first session, the first sentence out of S.F.’s mouth was “I have forgiven my dad.” She also said, “I feel trapped in who I am. My challenge is, I always want to please people.”

Lorena thought immediately to go through her childhood “inventory,” to go through the emotional life of her “inner” childhood.

S.F. said she is very emotional, has a lot of anxiety, worry and sadness. “I have a lot of mind chatter; I always want to do what’s right. I worry about the condition of the world…” She said it was easy for her to express love, gentleness, and gratitude, but said, “My anger is hard for me to express. I distrust people and I close off my heart. I am presently overly-emotional about my career and what I should be doing.” She has extreme emotions between sadness and joy, has “resentment frustration,” anger and jealousy. “All these emotions are present in my relationship with men. And these also match my core emotions as a child.” In terms of her relationships with men she said, “I never felt safe or loved by a man, therefore I stay in relationships too long and I feel trapped.”

“The overall tone of the family was as though the members were always ‘walking on egg shells’ and they were very uneasy. I think my dad has bipolar disorder.

My dad would be mean and then right afterwards, give us anything we wanted. My brother and I were confused by this. We were raised in a strict Catholic environment. My dad was very involved in the church, he was a generous man and took care of widows.

“I always sought after father’s approval, at the same time distancing myself from him. My dad doesn't communicate at all. He would never say anything about what I did, and I’ve never seen my dad cry.

“He was physically abusive, backhanding us, hitting us with a belt for things of little importance. Once while punishing my brother, he made me stay in the room and watch him kick my brother around the room. I feared my dad and hid under my bed or would run down the street away from him.

“At age 12, I became obsessive-compulsive: I would walk into the woods and began doing rituals; I thought God would punish me if I didn’t do these rituals. I would count to 1000 saying I’m sorry 1000 times. At this time, I also became anorexic. I want to overcome these victim aspects from my childhood, and my submissiveness.

“I am close to mom, she was amazing and always devoted to our family. She never complained, but we never had deep conversations like we do now. My mom would always cry after my dad hit us. I felt so sad for her. My mother is very submissive. I knew my parents had a very active sex life and I could hear them at night.

“I wanted to play with my brother and his friends, and in my 20s, I moved in with him and we lived together for 3 years; he became my ‘father.’ He was very hard on me. He gave me ‘frack’ about everything that I did. I am unable to stand up for myself with my brother. It’s interesting, he married someone who is opposite, a woman who is outspoken and who stands up for herself.

“I do not accept the way my family is, but my core feelings about my family are very loving.”

At the time of the first meeting, S.F. was living rent-free in an apartment owned by her parents.

As far as her healing process to date, she said that she reads self-help books, talks to friends, goes to therapy and does journaling when taking flower essences. (She had taken some Bach flowers on and off for a couple years.) She remembers her dreams, has a lot of them, and also has nightmares, often about women being confined.

Intention for the first session: “To develop my inner voice, trust my intuition, be honest about who I am, to become and to be more open.”

During the energy treatment portion of the session, Lorena encountered an angry male entity who caught her off guard; he was screaming, cursing, and she “sent him to the light.” At the time, she didn’t tell S.F. about her experience because S.F. was too fragile. From then on, Lorena saw a big difference in her.

Flower essences selected:

Centaury - for her challenge to please people
Holly - to clear the anger, jealousy and resentment that she was holding in her heart
Angelica - to be able to contact her angel
Buttercup - for self esteem
Agrimony, Black-Eyed Susan and Baby Blue Eyes - for healing father issues

Between sessions with Lorena, she began taking beginning reiki lessons from Lorena.


Blue Eyes

Questioning past choices and initiating changes

S.F. speaks of trying to be more trustful of others, while at the same time trying to be more honest with her feelings. She talks about her sexual promiscuity, and also expresses her ambivalence in regard to her job.

Flower essences selected included those for her childhood wounding and anger, for her feelings of guilt, and to help her make decisions.

S.F. was feeling a lot of changes, though her energy was low and she felt that she was detoxing.

“I’m trying to trust people and I don’t think people are being as deceitful as I used to feel. My intuition is a lot stronger. My situation with my brother has changed, he seems to be more caring toward me. I feel more open with people, I’m being honest with my feelings. I’m surprised with what comes out of my mouth, I feel my friends respect me much more.

“I am sending love and reiki to my friends and family. I’m feeling very loving. I have contacted old friends asking what went wrong with our relationship.

She began a relationship with an actor. “He is being very forward with me. We became intimate but I did not have sex. I have a clarity, new feeling and voice, and I will not be upset if this relationship does not work out. We are presently not speaking.”

S.F. said she has been on birth control pills for ten years and is promiscuous; she has a lot of confusion in regard to her sexuality with men.

“I am questioning my job—it is a dead-end job. I have no benefits and my pay is only $15 an hour. My boss is passive-aggressive, and he does not want me to leave the job. I feel he is holding me back. I’m being more honest with him about my feelings and how I feel about my job.”

Nightmare: “I was asked by my boss to take a lie detector test. I felt very guilty. I kept saying, what did I do wrong? What did I do? I felt nervous and anxious. But I did feel the need to be real.”

Nightmare: “There was a car accident, the car was out of control, I felt I was spinning out of control. I feel the need to keep myself in check. Nothing ever happens when I don’t.”

S.F. also had a phone conversation with her father. “He is being much more honest with me. I have a deeper understanding about stuff I thought I already knew.”

Intention for the session: “I want to let go and be happy and still make wise decisions.”

During the energy session, Lorena felt like a deep cleansing had been done, and S.F. felt relaxed, flowing, felt a tingling sensation and saw a lot of white light.

Flower essences selected:

Willow - for her childhood anger and resentment
Pink Monkeyflower - because she felt a lot of guilt
Star of Bethlehem - to help her feel comforted and soothed for what she had been through
Five-Flower Formula
Scleranthus - to help make her decisions
Echinacea - for shattering of the self that had been caused by the family situation

Lorena also gave her two bottles of Self-Heal to use over the next 4 months. She felt it, Echinacea, and Centaury were her core remedies.


Star of


Facing health challenges and taking responsibility

S.F. talks for the first time about her HPV diagnosis and abnormal Pap tests. She also states that she is starting to feel more independence from her job.

Flower essences were selected for her gynecological problems, for boundary issues and for fostering maturity and self-confidence.

“I’m using reiki on myself all the time.”

S.F. had just gone to her gynecologist and was upset about an abnormal Pap test. (This was the first that Lorena learned of her history of abnormal HPV and Pap tests.) She said that while on birth control for 10 years, she had actually stopped menstruating and was concerned. She also had had quite a few yeast infections on and off.

S.F. said, “I'm starting to feel more independent from my clothing store job and more into my sandwich business; I have added salads and other things to the menu.” She is very health conscious, uses organic food, and is very creative.

Lorena suggested she use a remedy that has proven quite powerful for other women which consists of an apple cider vinegar douche, followed by a chlorophyll douche.

Flower essences selected:

Alpine Lily - for the gynecological problems
Pink Yarrow - for enmeshment issues on the job
Fairy Lantern - for her “little girl,” not able to break from her job or parents (their rent subsidy); she was “stuck in her child”
Mimulus - for fear
Larch - for self confidence to break away

Alpine Lily
Pink Yarrow
Fairy Lantern

S.F.’s naturopathic doctor had her following a regimen that included zinc supplements, immune-defense mushroom supplements, and “green drinks” with 40 different grasses.

Intention for the session: “I want to heal my feminine issues, I want to be open to new healthy relationships. I need to trust myself in relationships; I want to listen to the signs and know when to say stop; I choose the wrong people. And, I want to have motivation for my career.”

During the energy treatment, Lorena and S.F. focused on her pelvic area, the emotion which involved the disapproval and lack of support of her father and boss. S.F. saw it release and leave her as a “murky, dark green color.” Then, Lorena saw the Virgin Mary, with white petals falling onto S.F.’s genital area. (Coincidentally, S.F. prays a lot to the Virgin Mary.)

Living more authentically

S.F. talks about speaking up and being more true to herself. She also speaks of studying at a healing center and considering her life purpose.

The flower essences selected were to address her potential, future vocation and life destiny.

S.F. was “up,” happy, excited: “I’m so happy; I am more honest with people in my life. I don’t come from a defensive place any more. I don’t want to do anything in excess or be obsessive-compulsive. I have to speak up and be true to myself. I was able to tell my mom that I was going to Mexico with my boyfriend. I started school at the Tao Healing Center studying shiatsu. I feel like an adult learning a new vocation. I have also planned to go to Colorado to a yoga conference.

S.F. wanted to pursue why she is here and how she can serve others. Lorena decided to work on Level 4, having to do with life vocation, of the MetaFlora system devised by Patricia Kaminski.

“I feel selfish for wanting to have my own schedule. I want to help people reach their higher levels. I want to help people feel safe and loved. I have always wanted to work with anorexic girls.

“The only reason I still have the job selling clothes is that I like having interaction with people. My true calling is to help people, and take care of myself, too. I would like to help people clear their psychological blocks.

“My old job and boss are standing in my way of taking chances toward my life path. I need to be more vocal with my boss. I need to challenge my relationships to be more honest with them and my parents. I need to be honest with my parents about what’s right for me."

Intension for the session: “To make the necessary changes to get on my path to my life destiny.”

Flower essences selected:

Larkspur - to cultivate leadership potential and instill joy for taking on leadership tasks
Mountain Pride - for leadership and for risk-taking in order to move on
Quince - because she is a very sensitive soul and fears being too harsh; to be honest; a “tough love” remedy
Spreading Phlox - to put her with her "group" for her life destiny and her spiritual family
Wild Oat - fundamental for finding true vocation

Mountain Pride
Spreading Phlox
Wild Oat

Gaining confidence and clarity

S.F. expresses her developing confidence and talks about her continuing studies. She also speaks of her current relationship, her growth, as well as her doubts and fears.

Flower essences were selected to address her obsessive mind chatter and to continue to heal childhood wounds that still influence her.

S.F. completed the short course for shiatsu and was going on to the advanced course at the healing center. She feels confident about herself and that she knows her truth. She felt like she found her true “family” when she went to the school.

“I spoke up to my boss and changed my hours to go to school. I am also going to be a part of my boyfriend’s surf tours, and am doing editing for his company brochures. E. and I have very strong chemistry together; I went off birth control pills; he made a commitment to be together, talks about our future together, and is concerned about my feminine health. He has taken me to his home (he’s Japanese). The relationship is good, he has some wounds, but it’s good. I have "bled" in past relationships with men and friends, and I am letting go of toxic friendships. I am accepting of E.’s moods and no longer feel responsible to cheer him up. I still do have doubts about myself in relationships. I have a lot of mind chatter about losing what I have now.“

Intention for the session: “Focusing on my relationship and knowing what I want, knowing who I am, not worrying about the future; whatever happens, I will be fine.”

Flower essences selected:

White Chestnut and Filaree - for obsession, mind chatter
Oregon Grape - for physical abuse, still weaving childhood remedies in
Echinacea ­ as before

White Chestnut
Oregon Grape

Having a "voice" within the context of relationship

S.F. talks of continued growth in her relationship though her obsessive-compulsive thinking has returned.

The same flower essences were used as in the last session.

S.F. had completed the shiatsu course and was doing bodywork, with approximately three clients per week. “I’m very happy on my healing path. I have developed a major voice in my relation with E.; it is the first time I have been able to have a voice in a relationship. I let him know when I’m annoyed and I tell him how I feel. I don’t worry if I speak my mind that he’ll leave me. I realized E. has issues, and he is trying to heal himself.”

Through S.F., Lorena started giving remedies to E. He saw that S.F. was growing and wanted to keep up with her. There were a lot of mother issues coming up in their relationship that interfered with it. E. met her parents, overcame his feelings, and her parents liked him. “I realize E. is a lot like my father.”

S.F.’s obsessive-compulsive patterns returned. “When I feel out of control, they resurface. My parents both have obsessive-compulsive disorder. E. and I have our differences in needs for intimacy and living requirements. But the bottom line is, E. wants me to be happy.”

Flower essences selected:

Same essences as the last session

A healing crisis arises for the "inner child"

S.F. talks about spending nine days with her parents and the subsequent fears and distrust of people that have resurfaced.

The same flower essences were selected as the last two sessions, and addressed what appeared to be a healing crisis.

S.F.’s parents had invited her to spend nine days with them in the Caribbean; she had a difficult time going home, and cried the whole way on the plane. “I’m feeling very, very sad. During the whole time on the trip, I distrusted people. I feel in all my other relationships, I have lost my identity. I don’t want to live in the USA any more. “I am scared; I feel it is so dangerous to live here. I feel stuck. A weird guy has been calling me and leaving weird messages. I expect him to show up at my door and shoot me. I feel my flowers aren’t working. I feel such guilt, like I have done something wrong. When I got back I wanted to keep my distance from E.; I don’t even want to be around him.”

Lorena felt that S.F. was experiencing a crisis: having spent that many days with her parents put her back with her "inner child," and the wounds surfaced in a terrifying way for her. She focused on the direct healing of the inner child.

Intention for the session: “To trust people, to get excited about my path, to have strength for my path and purpose, not to get sidetracked or lose the confidence I have gained in myself.

During the energy treatment, S.F. said she kept seeing light then dark, light then dark, and was flooded with memories from her childhood, relationships, and her parents. However, S.F. said she was fine when the session was over.

Flower essences selected (same as the prior two sessions):

Filaree and White Chestnut - for obsession, mind chatter
Oregon Grape - for physical abuse, still weaving in childhood remedies

Healing childhood wounds and shedding defensiveness

S.F. speaks of her detoxification process as well as shedding her defensiveness and the healing of her childhood wounds.

Flower essences were selected to address her dysfunctional family patterns and for her self-criticism.

S.F. had ordered a flower essence combination by phone for her mother. Her mother had seen how S.F. had grown so much and changed, she decided she wanted to use essences as well. Subsequently her mother called and said: “Your dad and I had the first conversation we’ve had in 35 years of marriage.” For many years, her mother would write her thoughts in letters to her husband; sometimes she would give them to him, sometimes not.

S.F. had begun to use Tao Healing Center’s holistic health programs, and was undergoing a liver detox, and was not feeling well. She was having a lot of sexual nightmares from the detox therapy and from the flower remedies; she was “shedding” so much.

“I feel my inner child changing, I don’t feel attached any more, I don’t take things so personally. I’m shedding the defensive part of myself and I feel my childhood wounds are healing. I feel myself withholding a bit, I do this to prevent myself from being hurt. I feel I have been very disabled by my family. This has caused me to feel unworthy and that I do not deserve abundance. I do three massages a week, but my business is not growing.”

Flower essences selected:

Joshua Tree - for her dysfunctional family, to “root” it out
Pine - for self-criticism

Joshua Tree

Making decisions and taking control of life destiny

In the next few sessions, S.F. speaks about her continuing studies but also about her ongoing worries for the future.

She also talks about her decision to work less hours at her job, plans to be a full-time massage practitioner, and her excitement to experience more of life and continue her education despite her compulsion for perfection.

The same flower essences were selected as the last session, as well as essences to help strengthen her in the process, for her compulsive thoughts and dreams, and for her critical attitude toward herself and others.

S.F. is still working 36 hours in the clothing store, and catering on the side. She’s worried about her financial future. She said that she didn’t learn anything in college due to her drinking and pot smoking, but she has totally stopped now. She is now interested in herbs and is learning about them at the Tao Healing Center. She completed the Reiki II class and decided to go to the mastership level. E. is continuing to take flower essences to keep up with her growth.

Flower essences selected:

Same formula as before

S.F. notified her boss that she would only be working two days a week. “I’m taking a month off and going back east to celebrate my parents’ wedding anniversary. When I return, I will begin working full-time at massage and my catering business, and I will completely quit my other job. My parents are kind enough to pay for my health insurance. E. feels threatened about me being gone for a month, but I think it will be good for us. I’m ready to take my life to the next level.” (Subsequently, E. spent time with her back east in a weekend visit and S.F. was pleased that they got along well.)

Flower essences selected:

Yarrow Environmental Solution
Five-Flower Formula

“My relationship with E. continues to improve. He says that after taking flower essences, he feels he can open up, give me more, and trust me more. I am hungry to experience more of life. I am hiking, I want to do more traveling, I want to possibly go back to school and get more education in nutrition counseling. However, I am having more obsessive-compulsive dreams and nightmares. I still have the compulsion to be perfect. I want to be more relaxed in my life.”

Flower essences selected:

White Chestnut
Beech - because she harsh and critical of herself and others, too

White Chestnut

Lorena received a phone call from S.F. saying she was HPV-free and her Pap test was perfect. She said she felt grateful and blessed. She was continuing with her education.

Case #2:
Establishing my own identity


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