A visit to our South American neighbors

A Photo-Essay by Richard Katz


The Chilean Ministry of Health has recognized the value of holistic modalities such as flower essence therapy for meeting the health and social needs of the Chilean people. There is an active discussion now among flower essence therapists and the Ministry about integrating flower essence therapists into the Chilean health care system.

I was welcomed warmly by Dr. Jaime Sepulveda from the Ministry of Health, and met with him four times during my visit to Chile, discussing various issues related to the challenge of bringing flower essence therapy to a wider population.

At the Chilean Ministry of Health: Richard Katz with Teresita Espinoza, Dr. Jaime Sepulveda, and Carmen Gloria, a flower essence therapist who works at the Ministry

The Ministry is planning research programs studying the effects of flower essence therapy and acupuncture, and will be consulting with the Flower Essence Society as it develops its research protocols. 

The world will be looking to Chile to learn from its pioneering example.


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