Specific Conditions


Specific Conditions—listed alphabetically
Miscellaneous Conditions

Flower Essences as Part of the Protocol in Healing Alcohol and Drug Addictions
Recovery from Addictions: Key Flower Essences

Marijuana Cessation – A Process of Inner Growth

Mariposa Lily: A Foundational Remedy for Addiction by Gabriela Diaz Urbina
“Picked Up the Real Bottle”
Flower Essence Therapy and the Treatment of Alcoholism by Linda Cohen
Behind Anxiety Disorders: Phobias, Hypochondria, Panic Attack and OCD by Dr. Raúl Pérez
Resolving Childhood Asthma: Emma Finds New Balance with Flower Essences by Rebecca Rice-Wilson
Excerpt from The Natural Medicine Guide to Anxiety by Stephanie Marohn
Flower Essences Unlock the Effects of Autism a case study by Yoko Sato

The Soul Connection to Cancer; How Flower Essence Therapy Can Help

Key Essences for Treating Fear
A clinical report from Dr. Marina Angeli

Using Personalized Bach Flower Therapy for Diabetic Patients with Dyslipidemia
Resolving Physical Symptoms through Soul Awareness: alleviating the effects of hay fever—a case study by Yuko Oka  
Flower Essences for the Healer—
an article by Marina Angeli  
The Use of Flower Essences in Hospice Care; Dr. Kelly Warshall
Human Papiloma Virus and Body-Soul Healing—
Two Cases Illustrating the Role of Flower Essence Therapy
Formulas for Humanitarian Relief
Magical Mugwort: a balm for insomnia and other flower essences for related soul trauma

Bringing Serenity and Peace Back to Mind and Body: Flower Essences for Insomnia by Dr. Marina Angeli

Cases from Dr. Marina Angeli of Athens, Greece and new case on Lotus Flower Essence

Observations on Marital Relationships
by Sally Dawson
Rosemary, Fuchsia and Other Key Flower Essences for Menopause
Treating Panic Attacks with Flower Essences by Dr. Marina Angeli
Physical Trauma and Wound Healing: A Remarkable Flower Essence Formula
by Linda Cohen
Quitting Tobacco
Without irritation and without gaining weight?

by Lydie Alves
Using the Yarrow Environmental Formula for High Stress in Japan's Crowded Cities

Connecting musicianship to the emotional plane:
Three piano musicians comment on the use of Benediction Oil


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