Specific Essences


Specific Essence Case Studies—listed alphabetically

Brazilian practitioner Rosana Vieira highlights Baby Blue Eyes and Forget-Me-Not
Opening the Heart with Benediction Oil
by Elly Van Ekelenburg
  Black Cohosh Flower: Helping Akash Transform Possessive Behaviors
  Utilizing Black-Eyed Susan & Other Flower Essences for Illuminating Shadow Aspects of the Self
Three Faces of Borage
The use of Borage as a medicinal herb, homeopathic remedy, and flower essence
by Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH
Dutch practitioner Elly van Ekelenburg finds great benefit with Forget-Me-Not flower essence
Glassy Hyacinth: Healing Post-partum Birth Trauma
by Rosana Vieira
Donatella Tordoni

Green Rose: The call of life to the joy of existence by Donatella Tordoni

Illumine Light Balancer—a light for guiding the Soul by Donatella Tordoni

A case study by Gayle Eversole about an elderly woman who used Impatiens for pain relief from a severe spider bite.

Practitioner Mimi Ellison describes the use of Impatiens for pain relief in cases involving sinus surgery and osteoporosis with fractured vertebrae.
Joshua Tree Flower Essence: Creating a Spiritual Structure in the Human Soul by Donatella Tordoni
Cases from Dr. Marina Angeli of Athens, Greece and new case on Lotus Flower Essence
Healing Our Relation to Food: Manzanita Flower Essence for Nutritional Imbalance and Eating Disorders by Linda Cohen
Mariposa Lily: A Foundational Remedy for Addiction by Gabriela Diaz Urbina
Mariposa Lily–a remedy for the trauma associated with adoption by Melissa Penn
Magical Mugwort: a balm for insomnia and other flower essences for related soul trauma
Walnut for All Times and Seasons by Linda Cohen
Using the Yarrow Environmental Formula for High Stress in Japan's Crowded Cities
Yerba Santa—
A Chance to Make a Change

by Gabriela Diaz Urbina


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