The Development of Flower Essence Therapy in Serbia


A report by Tatjiana Sesum

When we talk about the development of flower essence therapy in Serbia, by necessity, we do it in conjunction with the historical development of homeopathy. This is due to the fact that flower essence therapy came to Serbia along with homeopathy. It can be said that it has long been under-recognized as a treatment modality, but now is becoming more popular. Homeopathy treatment was first introduced (in the Serbian language) in 1962 in the well-known textbook Healing Treatment of Plants written by Professor Jovan Tucakovic. Then in 1995, there were two homeopathic books published in Serbia: First Homeopathic Manual and Homeopathic Approach to the Personality of the Child by Dr. M. Popovic.

The first school of classical homeopathy in the country was organized in early 2000 in Novi Sad, with the help of the International Centre for Peace and Development and the London Institute of Classical Homeopathy, with international financial assistance. At the same time, the Association for Classical Homeopathy "Hahnemann" was established. In 2002, the Serbian Medical Society established a Section for homeopathy, which works to educate physicians and promote homeopathy in our region and support the use of homeopathic treatments.

Homeopathy was finally legalized in Serbia in 2005 by the Health Care Law and Law on medicines and medical products. Since the first school of classical homeopathy was organized by the British LICH (London Institute of Classical Homeopathy), it is not surprising that people in Serbia, were first introduced to the British line of 38 flower essences, which was studied and described by Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach is considered the founder of flower essence therapy and his studies of the healing properties of herbs found that the flower preparations can heal by attending to negative emotions associated with the physical basis of specific diseases or problems. Since 2005 in Serbia, there exists an association dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Dr Edward Bach’s methods. The association has over 30 active practitioners.

California flower essences were introduced by me for use in Serbia in 2010. We also formed an association of practitioners (all of whom use the California flower essences) called "LATICE" (in Serbia language: L as a beauty, A as the authenticity, T as tolerance, I as inspiration, C as integrity, E for energy). The association LATICE, which meets monthly and has 15 active practitioners, aims to promote flower essence therapy as a holistic system of treatment and it especially focuses on California flower essences.

Tatjiana Sesum presented information on the California flower essences
at psychotherapy congresses in 2010 and 2011


A very popular Serbian monthly magazine "Sensa," features different types of alternative medicines. The magazine hosts seminars and Tatjiana Sesum made a presentation at one of them.

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About Tatjiana Sesum

Tatjiana Sesum has an M.A in psychology and works as a psychotherapist in her own private practice. She has two specialties in psychotherapy: as a couples and marriage counselor and also a rational emotional behavior psychotherapist (REBT Albert Ellis Institute). She has worked as a psychotherapist since 1993, first in a city center for marriage in Belgrade and then from 1999 on in a private practice.

When her daughter became ill, homeopathy helped her greatly and Tatjiana became enamored with homeopathy and in 2003, enrolled in the London International College of Classical Homeopathy. She studied for four years and since that time has worked as a homeopath as well.

Tatjiana is a published author, having written three books in the area of popular psychology. The majority of her clients are people with anxiety and depression issues, as well as marriage and family problems. Her growing practice as a homeopath is drawing more and more people with different physical diseases.

During Tatjiana’s homeopathic education, she was introduced to flower essence therapy, namely Bach flower remedies as known in her country, and has been using them since beginning her practice as a homeopath. Later, she discovered that there were many different kinds of flower essences all over the world. With the availability of the Flower Essence Repertory as a reference, Tatjiana was able to begin to include them in her practice as well (despite the difficulties with importing products into Serbia). Tatjiana will attend the 2012 FES Professional Course at Terra Flora.



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